Thursday, 1 November 2007

THURSDAY 1 st of November

Hi everyone!

I think the fact I have been up working nites for days and weeks finaly killed me, have had migrane from hell all nite so I am not coming in today and have asked Josie to check the Blog so that I am sure about that you get this info.
I will have a meeting with Mike when I am back in college about why our group is producing so little work and why we are delayed so its about time we all take this fact that we are delayed seriously. To cath up, I have given everyone more to do for the meeting on MONDAY 10 o'clock :)

RAFAEL - sketching and researching creatures of the dead world and trainstations. We can flip out and go fantasy with the trainsstation or stay a bit realistic but it is very open so that should be easy and fun to work on! And start using the Blog Raphael.

WAN - The Train, I would like to see more of the side of the train, its windows and doors etc, and the inside of the train.
I really like your halo idea and the smoke shaping up as wings so maybe u can show that some how in a sketch? I also liked the snow thing on the front of the train. The train should probably not be to long, what do you guys think? 6 - 8 wagons?

NNAMDI - more train sketches. We didn't give u much fedback at the last meeting I'm afraid so we all have o be better with that - what did the rest of the group think about Nnamdi's trains? I want to see more then the front of the train, some inside sketches as well so that we can take yours and Wan's sketches on Monday and pick the features we all moslty like and get THE train. Your train had more details would it all be very shiny and metalic or how would u go about it?

ASA - make sure that Patrick gat all the storyboard changes so that he can update the animatic. Modelsheets for the girl and Bobo. Who is modeling Bobo by the way? Josie is doing the girl.

PATRICK - update the animatic, colorschems and the moodboards from Monday or are we happy about this one that I have done? Research and sketch on how the dead world could look like. Ps did u not sketch on a train as well? Post it on the Blog. Start using the Blog. And don't forget the midi plug that u were going to lend Christina so that she can record music for us, she has been looking for u!

JOSIE -The girls hospital room, research and sketches so that we can choose her bed and furniture and I can get started on building her room soon.

AMINATA - sketching on the train and the trainstation. U don't have to use watercolors or oil paint, it is very nice but I rather see more sketches just drawn with a normal pen cos then we get more designs to choose from faster :) Thank u so much for helping us out!

EVA - the moodboard and colorshemes from Monday unless people are happy with the one I posted. Sketch on the Mother and if u get any time, the Doctor.

PS I f u guys have research and sketches for this film on your individual blogs I will not see them, no one in the group will see them, I dont have time to go to 8 peoples differents blogs and look for things every week - use this blog as well to show your ideas, research and sketches.

Good Luck with all the work and see u all on the Monday meeting! Now I am going to crawl back to bed and reclaim my head..

Have a nice weekend everyone!


wanimanga said...

I like the color scheme based on the Lived on the Moon images.

The other one I think maybe is a bit too much red tones?

Perhaps its 'cause I'm not a fan of red I dunno!

Åsa said...

i like the i lived on the moon as well and thats the look we decided to go for. So just like him we have to play around with textures, get some acrylic paint and oli paint n go creative so the colors come out even more vibrant. I like the clouds on Eva;s image with the red flowers do, greyish going a bit brown n orange but maybe they are too dramatic?

the 2d characters in the deadworld and their colors, should it all be grey or maybe they can go a bit more warm n vibrant like my second colorschemes, or should it all be grey? We need to talk about that with the group. We need some concept t be able to compare how it would look like if the character and everytinhg is greyscales or the characters a bit warmer.

peace n luv,

Eva Ng said...

I'm actually quite happy with your colour mood boards you got there, I can now use those and start playing around with some pictures and applying to my drawings. This will in time create a look for the film.