Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Girl

Some of us has voted here onthe Blog and I am afraid that we can't wait for the rest of u so Sofie is chosen now and this is how she looks in a watercolor 2d sketch. We need to catch up ( and I have told u all to start giving fedback and start using the blog so if u dont then thats your choice and u miss your chance to vote ). I will make the model sheets during the weekend and e-mail them to Josie as soon as they're done so that we can get started. And yes, she is still bald in the hospital and starts looking healthier in the dead world, happier eyes, more energy, didn't draw that here but I think u guys get it?

We decided to work with the latest version of Maya so that we all will be on the same version and use the same as college, Maya 8,5.

ps when looking for music - not anything famous or well known from film, comercials etc. No rap or vocals that signs any words, choirs can be okej if they don't sing to dramatic. A bit mysterious in the begining and going happier in the end. With some depth, did that help?

Some creature sketches old and new:

peace n luv,

ps hit me with trainstations, creatures, colorschemes and trains!

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