Monday, 22 October 2007

Monday Meeting

Attending: Asa, Josie, Patrick and Eva.
Wan called and said that he couldn't be in.

Our storyboard scenes are pinned up on the wall so please put up scene 1 as soon as possible and e-mail them to me and Patrick as well as we will meet up on Friday and make the animatic. I would also like to see you take n your scene Raphael.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday after class, for that meeting we need all the storyboard scenes and if anyone changed anything within their scene then bring that to! And yes, if we have a meeting then PLEASE be there. Otherwise its kind of pointless innit?

So for wednesday once again, MEETING, STORYBOARD SCENES, BRING MUSIC and concept for the train, the girl, her mother etc if you have done any, see u all then!

Peace n Luv,

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