Thursday, 31 January 2008

Attention please! - TIMETABLE FOR TERM 2!!!

Evening Everyone! - Asa and I discussed about the tasks for everyone and here's the latest timetable for Term 2:If there's any mistakes or feel that you need extra or less time than it says on the timetable - please let me know so I can change it for you!

Josie ^_^

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

New concept for the Mothers Blendshapes!

Hey! Here's new concept from Aminata that I really like, the mother should be exhausted and sad but still accepting. Bags under her eyes.

peace n luv

Bobo - concept for blendshapes

hey ya!
I am struggling with concept with Bobo's face expressions, came up with an idea, maybe his ears can help illustrate his feelings? Just an thought, but at the same time that would make him more like an rabbit and I am not sure if I want that as I do want him to be like the teddybear toy in A.I. I will try n make more drawings Wan, hope I make something thats helpful for u
peace n luv,

Background for the Film?

This is my favorite as it reminds me of 'I lived on The Moon' and the drips could be stars..

I have been painting some different backgrounds for the Dead-world. Let me know what u guys think, I would like to have a watercolor background and get a quite organic look, or does anyone have any other suggestions? We need to nail the Dead-world now so I will post suggestions for clouds, background etc here and I want your opinion,


peace n luv 

WEEK 4 meeting protocol

At todays meeting Mike Smith came by and expressed his concerns and worries about our film and  group - the bottomline is that we have two weeks on us to prove him wrong and start producing much more work and on a higher level. Otherwise there will be no film..

From today's meeting:

We talked about how to animate Bobo's face expressions today- he is a bit tricky as he is so simply designed. We looked at different bear characters online in film and choosed that the Teddybear toy in the film A.I was the one we should go for ( good thinking Josie! ).

Aminata popped up like an saving angel and decided to model our main character Sophie- I am not sure yet about if she will texture and rig her as well but atleast we gat a model maker now so that is good!

I told everyone that the aime is to have environments, characters and animatic set n done until week 7 - cos then we have to start animating. 

Michael H's daughter will probably be Sophie's voice so he received the old audio today and said that he would record at home so thats really good!

Work until next meeting next week:

Wan - continue modeling, rigging, weighting and making the blendshapes for the Mother and Bobo. The next task for u after all this is done is to start making changes to your scene in the animatic - I don't except you to be done with all the rigging until next week but you said today that you didn't feel that you had so much work so if you get time then you know that the animatic is the next one to get cracking with :)

Josie - is making the changes to her scene in the animatic and is modeling the two toys. I don't expect u to have them textured by next week but it would be nice if they could be modeled.

Asa - finishing the texturing of the hospital room +  making concept for Bobo's blendshapes +
giving Patrick concept of how I imagine the deadworld so we can take Sophie and Bobo's meeting in scene one and make it in AE and maybe I do a version in Maya as well. Just so we gat the final style and look of the deadworld. Check if we still can get help from Samir and Ash with animation or if the have changed their mind and we need to look for other animators. If I get time I will do test for the look of the deadworld in maya + make concept for clouds, mist and more backgrounds as I want lots of 2d and an organic look to the deadworld.

Raphael - missed u at the meeting today, I know that u gat problems with internet but maybe u have to go to college now and then so that u can check it. I sent u the heart rate monitor and there is research on it appearing two times at this Blog so just scroll n you'll find it. Jess wanted u to change the size of it and maybe move the bottoms as she modeled it for another film as well and doesn't want them to see that we have the same :) I wanna see more concept of those creatures, how we should paint, texture them and now my question is, can u make an animation test with them? Let me know.

Patrick - continue rigging, weighting and texturing the Doctor character. 

Thats all for now! Good luck with all the work n help me prove Mike that he is wrong and that we can make this film!

Peace n Luv,

Monday, 28 January 2008

IMPORTANT: Meeting Now on Wednesday 11 o'clock

Hi Everyone!

I still haven't seen all the work from everyone from the X-mas break and we have been back in college for three weeks now so bring it now on Wednesday. 

Wan, u said that u had problems with Bobo's nose - can u e-mail me or post a screen print here on the Blog so I can see what the problem is so that we can solve it.

Via Mike I have e-mailed out an request to all 2nd and 3rd year students about help modeling and rigging our main character Sophie. No one has replied. So that is a BIG problem that we have to solve this week without Sophie there is no film.

I have problems with Maya so I have not finished textured the hospital room but has worked on our character The Shadow instead in Corel Paint and with normal paint. I will post some of my tests and sketches here on the Blog so that you all can give your opinion.

See you all on Wednesday!
peace n luv,

PS We are all very busy with our dissertations so I would appreciate if everyone came on time.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

This Week

Asa - texturing the hospital room and doing more concept and tests for the Shadow character. Make the new schedule with Josie. Find modeler for Sophie.

Josie - model and texture the two toys to Sophie's hospital room, the dolphin and the horse and when that is done do the changes to your scenes in the animatic ( there's a list here on the Blog that I posted before f X-mas - except we are keeping the old end ). Ask me if anything seems weird.

Raphael- texturing the heart rate monitor and, I really loved your idea today Raphael! Really nice! So go for that character and work on textures and colors, we want them soft and light and don't want them to take to much attention from the scene. Really nice work, thanks Raph! We can animate them in 2D and put their animated films on planes in Maya, it will look amazing.

Wan - modeling, rigging, texturing and blendshapes for the Mother and Bobo. Aminata is doing more concept for the mothers blendshapes and I am on the case with Bobo who is tricky as he gat no real expressive eyes etc.

Patrick - texture and rig the Doctor character, I will e-mail u a link to a page online from where u can download the maya file.

This  week we gat some extra help from Adam so he is working on concept for us as different creatures for the deadworld and the look of the deadworld.  I have told him about Raphaels idea about more " spiritual" creatures as I want to go for that.

I am on skype almost everyday if anyone has any questions or want to pass me files etc.

Peace n Luv,

Fantasy World research

The effects in this video are really good. It looks as if it was done in after effects. 20 seconds and 2 mins 30 seconds. Ive started to analyse our fantasy world characters, and I think that they should be more suggestive and subtle. This should keep the focus on Sophie and Bobo.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Heart rate Monitor Research

For the one of us that will animate the heart rate monitor, check this: peace n luv, asa

Toys for Sophie - some research

Hiya everyone!

I've done some research on toys that could be included in Sophie's hospital room. I apologize if its a bit late but I've been caught up with my dissertation stuff.

Anyways, I looked back at Sophie's character profile from last term and almost forgotten that Sophie likes to grow up to be just like her mum or a pirate! - It also says that she likes to daydream being a mermaid and such and so I found some pirate related toys:

I personally go for (A) for the cute pirate doll!!
We don't have to use these toys but it was just a research so please comment what you guys like!
See you all at tomorrow's meeting!!

Josie ^_^

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Toys 4 Sophie's Hospital Room

Hey ya!

Josie and Eva is on the toy modelling and texturing case. Josie is also doing some toy research, I think it will be enough with 4 toys.

Josie will make the horse that she draw last year that we all really liked.

I would like to have a tamagotchi on her bed table, who of u would like to model and texture a tamagotchi? Let me know.

And who is up for modeling and texturing another soft toy, could be one of those I have in the research or you could come with suggestions.

Let me know,
peace n luv,

Next Meeting is on Tuesday

We all have to be in then to talk to our different dissertation tutors so I will be in from 10 and wondered if we could have a quick meeting during lunch? Is that okej for everyone?

peace n luv,

Concept from Aminata for the Mothers Blendshapes

Help with Rigging

I gat this link from Aminata and as far as I know it is okej to use as long as we mention in our film that we did use it,

peace n luv,

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

train model by me!

hello thought you might like to see the train model that i have done for you lovely people. it isn't finished yet as i realised that the carriage has no way to connect to the engine at the moment but i am working on it. hope you like.

Term 2 and Things We Have to Do

Hey ya!

Good to see everyone again!

From todays meeting:
Josie and I started to work on a new timetable today, one thing that I would like to know is how Raphael and Samir, who are the main animators, would like to work with the animation on this film. Do you prefer to get a scene where u animate both Bobo and the girl or is it better if you focus on one character during the film so the animation keeps the same style during the film? I talked to Raphael about this and will ask Samir as well and then finalize the timetable.

The most important thing right now is to get the main characters modeled, rigged, textured and ready to animate - and finalizing the Dead World Environment. Adam have offered to help us with concept so Josie will send him our color schemes and what we gat so far.

I discussed killing the tree trainstation but decided to think about it over night. If we have it then it should be there in the mist and not grow up out of the ground, adding all that animation when we have so little time is not possible - and I might need help to texture it.

We also discussed the changes to the animatic but did not decide anything. A lot of students asked why Bobo didn't come with Sophie to heaven after we showed the animatic last term and I thought about it as well and that it doesn't really make sense. But after discussing this with the group we decided to keep it as it is as we want a sad film and changing the end would change everything. We just need to change some camera angles, timing and details in the animatic - thats all.


JOSIE- is working on toy props for Sophie's hospital room and is making concept for the dead world and helping me with the timetable.

ASA - is starting to texture the hospital room + sending over a painted version of the shadow that Patrick will make animation tests of. We want the shadow to be bleeding black paint. Will talk to Mike Hirsch as he said last term that his daughter might be able to help us and be Sophie's voice in the film which would be great.

WAN- is finishing the model of the mother and Bobo. We discussed some small changes to the models today and Bobo's textures so Wan is on the case and will do some texture tests for Bobo as well. We think that normal bump maps and UV should be enough for him.

PATRICK - bringing in the environment tests that he has done so that we all can see and choose how we want to make this + making animation tests with the Shadow character.

EVA- is making some more toys and props for Sophies hospital room.

AMINATA- is making concept for the mothers different face expressions in the hospital room so that we can choose the ones we like and Wan can create the blendshapes.

RAPHAEL - bringing or uploading the new sketches of the creatures of the dead world and the animation research he found and liked so that we all can check it. Concept work for the dead world.

! QUESTION ! Who would like to animate the heart rate monitor screen in After Effects? Let me know :)

Thanks everyone!!

Peace n Luv,

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Back to College

Hey Everyone!

I am a bit surprised about that you didnt have a meeting last week as I had two co producers filling in for me as I was gone.

Tomorrow at 11 we will have our first group meeting in college so I will see u all then in the animation area. Hope u all had a great holiday and I am looking forward to see you all then and your work!

peace n luv,

Monday, 14 January 2008


Hey guys, below is my model for the mother - I have had problems with the accuracy of the two angles (front and side) and hopefully I have come up with an acceptable compromise. I may need to remodel the arms as they seem quite short in the front view, but as you can see I have followed the model sheet as closely as possible.
What I also need is the expressions the mother will be using during the animation so that I have the blend shapes ready for animation.

Bobo has not been so easy. Although I started this one first I found that the model sheet lacked alot of detail, particularly in the face. I need further model/character sheets so I can get the maw (nose/jaw) area perfecto. Will also reeeeeeaally need expression sheets for Bobo as he is one of the most animated models in our film.

Anyways, see ya tomorrow!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Concept "Day that I Died"

I've been working on this concept for a while now, not entirely satisfied with it, but it's a start to placing characters in some environments used PhotoShop and Corel Painter X....more to come if I can juggle between my modelling for my other film......

hope you like it

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Still working on the Character Model


I am still working on the Model, had a couple of problems before but now its sorted:

With the head there's too many vertex which I need to delete and make the head more round.
The body is now much better than before (I hope anyways - tell me what you guys think!!):

Josie ^_^