Wednesday, 30 January 2008

WEEK 4 meeting protocol

At todays meeting Mike Smith came by and expressed his concerns and worries about our film and  group - the bottomline is that we have two weeks on us to prove him wrong and start producing much more work and on a higher level. Otherwise there will be no film..

From today's meeting:

We talked about how to animate Bobo's face expressions today- he is a bit tricky as he is so simply designed. We looked at different bear characters online in film and choosed that the Teddybear toy in the film A.I was the one we should go for ( good thinking Josie! ).

Aminata popped up like an saving angel and decided to model our main character Sophie- I am not sure yet about if she will texture and rig her as well but atleast we gat a model maker now so that is good!

I told everyone that the aime is to have environments, characters and animatic set n done until week 7 - cos then we have to start animating. 

Michael H's daughter will probably be Sophie's voice so he received the old audio today and said that he would record at home so thats really good!

Work until next meeting next week:

Wan - continue modeling, rigging, weighting and making the blendshapes for the Mother and Bobo. The next task for u after all this is done is to start making changes to your scene in the animatic - I don't except you to be done with all the rigging until next week but you said today that you didn't feel that you had so much work so if you get time then you know that the animatic is the next one to get cracking with :)

Josie - is making the changes to her scene in the animatic and is modeling the two toys. I don't expect u to have them textured by next week but it would be nice if they could be modeled.

Asa - finishing the texturing of the hospital room +  making concept for Bobo's blendshapes +
giving Patrick concept of how I imagine the deadworld so we can take Sophie and Bobo's meeting in scene one and make it in AE and maybe I do a version in Maya as well. Just so we gat the final style and look of the deadworld. Check if we still can get help from Samir and Ash with animation or if the have changed their mind and we need to look for other animators. If I get time I will do test for the look of the deadworld in maya + make concept for clouds, mist and more backgrounds as I want lots of 2d and an organic look to the deadworld.

Raphael - missed u at the meeting today, I know that u gat problems with internet but maybe u have to go to college now and then so that u can check it. I sent u the heart rate monitor and there is research on it appearing two times at this Blog so just scroll n you'll find it. Jess wanted u to change the size of it and maybe move the bottoms as she modeled it for another film as well and doesn't want them to see that we have the same :) I wanna see more concept of those creatures, how we should paint, texture them and now my question is, can u make an animation test with them? Let me know.

Patrick - continue rigging, weighting and texturing the Doctor character. 

Thats all for now! Good luck with all the work n help me prove Mike that he is wrong and that we can make this film!

Peace n Luv,

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