Thursday, 3 January 2008

Still working on the Character Model


I am still working on the Model, had a couple of problems before but now its sorted:

With the head there's too many vertex which I need to delete and make the head more round.
The body is now much better than before (I hope anyways - tell me what you guys think!!):

Josie ^_^

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├ůsa said...

Hey Josie!

One big problem is that she doesnt have any eye lids, she needs a more human face and eyelids cos in the hospital she will look more tired and exhausted and when she dies she will close her eyes. She needs more of a cute girl face, rounder shapes, she looks a bit flat from the front right now.

Keep going and u will soon be there and if u get stuck then talk to Alex Hulse cos he is great to get advice and help from!

peace n luv,