Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Term 2 and Things We Have to Do

Hey ya!

Good to see everyone again!

From todays meeting:
Josie and I started to work on a new timetable today, one thing that I would like to know is how Raphael and Samir, who are the main animators, would like to work with the animation on this film. Do you prefer to get a scene where u animate both Bobo and the girl or is it better if you focus on one character during the film so the animation keeps the same style during the film? I talked to Raphael about this and will ask Samir as well and then finalize the timetable.

The most important thing right now is to get the main characters modeled, rigged, textured and ready to animate - and finalizing the Dead World Environment. Adam have offered to help us with concept so Josie will send him our color schemes and what we gat so far.

I discussed killing the tree trainstation but decided to think about it over night. If we have it then it should be there in the mist and not grow up out of the ground, adding all that animation when we have so little time is not possible - and I might need help to texture it.

We also discussed the changes to the animatic but did not decide anything. A lot of students asked why Bobo didn't come with Sophie to heaven after we showed the animatic last term and I thought about it as well and that it doesn't really make sense. But after discussing this with the group we decided to keep it as it is as we want a sad film and changing the end would change everything. We just need to change some camera angles, timing and details in the animatic - thats all.


JOSIE- is working on toy props for Sophie's hospital room and is making concept for the dead world and helping me with the timetable.

ASA - is starting to texture the hospital room + sending over a painted version of the shadow that Patrick will make animation tests of. We want the shadow to be bleeding black paint. Will talk to Mike Hirsch as he said last term that his daughter might be able to help us and be Sophie's voice in the film which would be great.

WAN- is finishing the model of the mother and Bobo. We discussed some small changes to the models today and Bobo's textures so Wan is on the case and will do some texture tests for Bobo as well. We think that normal bump maps and UV should be enough for him.

PATRICK - bringing in the environment tests that he has done so that we all can see and choose how we want to make this + making animation tests with the Shadow character.

EVA- is making some more toys and props for Sophies hospital room.

AMINATA- is making concept for the mothers different face expressions in the hospital room so that we can choose the ones we like and Wan can create the blendshapes.

RAPHAEL - bringing or uploading the new sketches of the creatures of the dead world and the animation research he found and liked so that we all can check it. Concept work for the dead world.

! QUESTION ! Who would like to animate the heart rate monitor screen in After Effects? Let me know :)

Thanks everyone!!

Peace n Luv,

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