Monday, 14 January 2008


Hey guys, below is my model for the mother - I have had problems with the accuracy of the two angles (front and side) and hopefully I have come up with an acceptable compromise. I may need to remodel the arms as they seem quite short in the front view, but as you can see I have followed the model sheet as closely as possible.
What I also need is the expressions the mother will be using during the animation so that I have the blend shapes ready for animation.

Bobo has not been so easy. Although I started this one first I found that the model sheet lacked alot of detail, particularly in the face. I need further model/character sheets so I can get the maw (nose/jaw) area perfecto. Will also reeeeeeaally need expression sheets for Bobo as he is one of the most animated models in our film.

Anyways, see ya tomorrow!

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├ůsa said...

Hey ya!

Can u bring in the Maya file to the next meeting so we can take a look at it then? Is it the profile that is weird when it comes to his nose?

I will make some concept for different face expressions as soon as I can and post them here on the Blog,

peace n luv,