Thursday, 29 November 2007

Changes in the Animatic

Hey again!

I am trying to finish of as much as possible as I am leaving tomorrow and will be gone until the 10 th of January.

Here are the changes in the animatic that I have come up with so far:

Scene 1 - Asa's scene - fedback everyone, am I being clear enough with this scene? Does she seem lost and do u understand that she recognizes Bobo and that he is an friend? I will make a 3d blockout out of it so we can show the camera pan n get more exact timing.

Scene 2 and 3 - Josies scenes - we should make a 3d blockout of this as well. We need more tension when the shadow appears and start hunting them - maybe a close up of their scared faces while running as in action film- a short cut- and the girl should look more peaceful and satisfied and smile when she dies but instead o redoing it I think we should go for an block out n just put drawings on the maya file as Jess n almost everyone else has done to show face-expressions. The farewell between the mother and the girl is very important and has to be clearer- the mother is looking sad but is not crying, she lloks tired and u can see that all this has taken her down for a long long time - they look at eachother while givin eachother bobo and the girl smiles so the mother gives a small smile back - she has accepted that Sophie is dying and lets her go. We dont want to be overly sad here- we are trying to ay that sometimes maybe death is not a bad thing, understand what I mean? We have to ask if Raphael or Patrick can do the blockout of your scene as u has to get started on modeling the girl. Help me with that as I might not see them before I go.

Scene 4 - we need a new end. Like we discussed before leaving Bobo by the trainstation doesnt make any sense when he is her best friend - this is also what other students said about our animatic, why is he left there?
* first shot is in a bit weird angle I realized when I checked it again- we cant really see her face expression as its shot from an angle from above i want it lover and closer so that she is close to us the audience and we see her face clearly in the screen n bobo coming up behind her knocking on her shoulder- they turn and see the train.
* No stop and farewell between Bobo and the girl- no stretch. I have 2 characters that i put on the train platform - one of them get on the train with Bobo and the girl, they should sit like in Spirited away maybe so we dont have to draw so many other passangers or? Close shot of Bobo n Sophie sitting together looking happy about being on the train, Sophie head leaning on Bobos side, instead of bobo waving by - the character that didnt get on the train takes bobos part n run after the train waves good bye and they take of as before.

If anyone of u is confused n wonder what the hell I am talking about then please let me know and I make sketches for u so that it might be easier to understand - now I have to write an essay :)

Peace n luv,

Bobo Model sheet to Wan

This is how Bobo looks as a toy i didn't draw the seem all the way on the side but that is something we do with texturing once he is modeled anyway. When Bobo comes a live in the Deadworld- he is one n a half head taller then Sophie - did u see the size reference pic I posted some weeks ago? Otherwise the size difference is pretty much as I did it when they are hugging in scene one in the animatic. So Bobo looks the same in the Dead world but is bigger and the shapes softer n rounder- are u okej with that? I didnt felel like drawing him again when it is so easy just to make him bigger and a tiny bit rounder - u can post images of him when u are getting there n i can give u fedback

Peace n luv,

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

More to do during X-mas for everyone

Hey everyone!

Add this Josie to your X-mas schedule:

Jessica S. - model the Dr

Caspar - model the train

Asa - develop shadow character, build hospital room and trainstation and update script - give cd to Emmet n Christina for music and soundeffects.

Wan - model mother and bobo + research stretch out and train smoke ( u don't have to wait for bobo, u gat the moms modelsheet last week n if u lost it then its on aminatas blog ) + changes in the animatic together with Patrick ( devide changed between u )

Raphael - More research and sketches of creatures of the dead world + research animation, running cycles etc + thumbnails ( i will show u what it is if u aren't sure)

Patrick - I think it was brilliant when u n wan did scene 4 together so u guys can divide the new changes e between u ( u and wan ) fix them during x-mas.

Josie - model the girl n research how to do her hair. New x-mas schedule on the blog. + Changes in scene 2 and 3 in the animatic.

Is everyone ok with that? Let me know asap. As u all noticed today our group is producing less work then the smaller groups so I suggest we do all this during the X-mas so that we catch up for next term :)

DONT GET CONFUSED - this is added work, it will be ADDED to Josie's schedule that will be up in the coming days so you are still doing the other things that u said that u would do as well.

Show progress and developing work on this Blog during the x-mas please so that I know what everyone is doing and we all stay in touch in case someone needs help n get stuck.

I will post the changes in the animtic here later on tonite- need to write essays now..

Have a really nice one everyone and thank u so much for this term!!!

Peace n luv,

Dead world characters - Height relationship

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I am missing your finalized creatures of the dead-world and thumbnail sketches - presentation is tomorrow and I really wanted to see them before that,

peace n luv

X-mas timetable & Coloured Hopsital Room


Here's the group's Christmas Holiday timetable for everyone!

The coloured hospital room:

We're close to finishing TERM 1!!!


Monday, 26 November 2007

Todays Meeting and the last Meeting

We went through the animatic and started working on all the changes that has to be done, some changes we had already decided on last time we looked at the animatic so I dont know how the gat repeated, please take notes at meetings and I will do my best to sum things up here on the Blog as well so that we dont have to repeat misstakes as we have so little time :)

Nive work by the way! Nice that u put that light in Wan!


Asas scene - speed thing up and show stronger character animation, right now u dont understand that she first doesnt recognise Bobo and that she is happy and reliefed to see him. Show more of their strong relation. Dont zoom out in the last hug scene, cut straight to Josies sideview.

Josie - Zoom in on the girl from side view as she is turning her head over her shoulder as she noticed that frightening and threatining sound from behind. More tension in this scene so bobo should grab er must faster as they have to hurry and are in danger, show more clearly as in your storyboard scenes how he seriuosly ask her to quickly jump up on his shoulder, Longer scene of them running and add more tension there as well. We need more hsadow concept but there is no time for it now so we will have to develop that during X-mas - I can do that. I think we need a shoot of the shadow growing in distance coming closer as well just before Sophie jumps up on Bobo;s shoulders.

Wan - The first shot where they meet again in the mist is missing, let me know if u loose the drawing or dont rember how I want it and I'll e-mail u a new one ) Shoot 3 - not so fast and not so far. Bobo and Sophies farwell needs more time, the part where turns around and stops him inside the station and look him in the eye needs 2 close ups of them lookin in eachothers eays to establish that they are syaing good bye and he cant follow. Also the way she turns around and sop him by putting her hand towards his belly/chest as a stop sign to say here but no longer. Bobo should slowly run after the train as it leaves as he has to be outside the trainstation when he waves good bye to her. End seqense missing where Bobo waves to Sophie satnding on the back of the train disapering into the light.

Thanks for nice work with the animatic my troopers!

Raphael is going to work hard on getting the watch man finalised for the Dead world cos that has been delayed a bit now, Raphael is also making concept for the films thumbnails and will borrow watercolors from me.

Peace n Luv,

Got the hosptial room finalised - just need to colour it!! (got one dead world coloured!!)


I've got part of the animatic done already, you can have a look on my journal blog (took me a while to upload it and I can't be asked to upload it again on the group's blogg!)

I've got it hospital room finalised and made the room more spacious :

I'll colour it later today - also I've painted one of my sketches of the dead world enivironment :


Sunday, 25 November 2007

Shelby the clock modelsheets

Watchman Model sheets

Moth (fantasy world Character)

Moth is a mute, with wings instead of arms. He is neither good or bad but is merley a lost soul who wonders through out the fantasy world.

Leaf-Kid: Various Colours

ClockMan Model Sheets

Yeh guys, here are Modelsheets for the Clockman character. Let me know which colours you prefer or some other textures you'd like to see him wearing.

Scene 2 of Animatic


I've got Scene 2 done and for some reason I can't send it via email....

Josie :)

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Rendering from After Effects!

Just so that we all do the same thing:

widescreen (16:9)
720x576 pixels
1.422 pixel aspect ratio
and Sorensen 3 compressor.

peace n Luv,

Friday, 23 November 2007

To Josie for the animtic

Hey, very ruff but just for the animatic - I'll make and nicer one during the X-mas.
Something in the hospital room that shows that she has been there for a long time :)
I gat three different piano tunes from Christina yestrday that I just need to change to mp3's n then U'll have them in your mail boxes. They are very good. But I think I want somethin more ambient for the begining - Rapahel is doing more research and my sound guy will help out an pass over sounds as well.

have a nice weekend everyone!

Peace and lots of Luv!


I really like all the bobo's, personal favourites are C and F. I;ve been working a lot on what was asked for me about the dead world. I've basically been using images with blots and various oddness in a similar style to josie's pictures and trying to see what looks better in maya and what looks better in a compositing program. I think when it all comes down to it we will have a much better idea as to what needs to be done as I'm not really going to stop doing these but if I was to say now I think most of it can be done in maya on differant layers and then taken in after effects or whatever and then manipulated even more. Even with all the oddness of the wierd lights in the sky or overgrown greenery that asa wants can be modelled easier and lit better within maya. As far as mixed media goes I think any live action filming of something even more experimental is very possible as the compositing program we will use will be able to mix them all together. So to sum up, I think using maya to basically all of the film will work, as long as we approach the task of the dead world with a bit more creativity and willing to let things evolve more than you would usually be within maya.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Bobo's from Nnamdi

I like I a lot but his face looks to much as a copy of Winnie Puh I notice now, A is a to much Spirited Away copy but maybe change the face a bit on I so we have our own style?



Todays Meeting Peeps!

Attending Asa, Wan and Josie and Raphael ( came half an hour late and missed most of the animatic talk )

We discussed the animtic scenes that we gat so far and all the changes that everyone has to do. We decided that we all should use my new cut out drawings and they are ease to change in After Effects without effecting work already done- Aminata showed how to do it, click image and reload file in After Effects.

I need everyones work on sunday so that I can cut it all together in Premier - edit and cut together your own work so that i don't have to kill myself on sunday nite and easily can put the parts together.

We discussed the Bobo design as I am not satisfied with the one we have, we discussed how his legs should look and his entire design as it will affect the animation and raphael wants to start researching this during the X-mas break to plan his animation for next term. Raphael can't log into the college computers and has no internet at home so he gat problems checking his mail etc.

Wan had some really nice color research that he will put together samples of and show on the Group Blog. Josie is almost done with the hospital room and asked Mike H about colors.

Christina handed me music that I will e-mail everyone together with the pdf files tonite ( u gat stuff in your mail boxes already :)

Wan decided to model the Mother during the X-mas break and gat the modelsheet from Aminata.

Jessica decided to model the Dr and gat the modelsheet from me.

We meet again on Monday to go through the final animatic and go through our presentation that we have on Wednesday.

Those of u who are not showing up or contacting me and telling me why and dont do their work can start looking for other film projects to work on.

peace n luv,

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Nicer Animatic Cut Outs from Asa

Hey ya!

I didn't get fedback from anyone else then Josie about my cut outs for the animatics, I thought they were really ugly as I was really stressed when I did them - so I have done new ones but offcourse I don't expect u to use them for the stuff u show me tomorrow! But if u wanna change to these later on its really easy in after effects- u can keep all the animation and just change the images :)

Let me know if u want them and I'll e-mail u the pdf's - can't upload pdf files here

See u all tomorrow!
peace n luv,

Hospital room - finalised

Here's the final sketch of the hospital room (I know its not finished - Im just posting it to let everyone see if its alright) - I'll finish it later with colours:


Model sheet for the horse doll & sketches


I drew these model sheets of the horse doll yesterday - just forgotten to post them up! Let me know if they're ok, plus do you want me to colour them Asa?

I sketched some draft versions of what I imagine of the dead world today while I was at work when it wasn't too busy!! (20th Nov) :

Sketch 1:
Sketch 2:

I may colour one of them so it might make it easier to understand what I'm trying to show!

Good night - Josie :)

Mother Concept Work

A few colour chart moods of the mother as she is sad dark colours
that ittle thing in her hand is the toy ( bobo)
tell me if okay


Tuesday, 20 November 2007


If anyone's confused -

- scene 3 in the animatic ( IN AFTER EFFECTS ) , + the work u had for last week, Music Research ( and maybe even making music as u have talked about) , the cloud tests, are we making them in After Effects or ? Where do they look the best? New work: I know that u don't like drawing but please try and visualise how the dead world should look like based on the decisions we have made so far, u don't have to draw, u can use Maya, illustrator, cut outs, paint etc, the more of us that works on this the better

I want the finished hospitalroom so maybe ask Mike H as we talked about about colors so its finished? I didn't know that we have to show environment sketches on the summative so I guess u might have to re draw and draw the bed instead of marking with a X where it should be plus add toys on her table and all that stuff that we have talked so much about that should prove that she have lived there for a long time. Animatic Scene 2 and 3D Hair research for Sofie. U chose when u start modeling Sofie as long as u have her ready next term for rigging. Modelsheet for the hospital horse toy. Sketches of the dead world.

Dr's modelsheet is finished and Jessica S is considering modeling him during X-mas but wants someone else to rig him.
Find a modeler for the mother. Character Sheet and developing Bobo + final Bobo modelsheet. I am working on sound effects and is in contact with a Sound students that is intrested in helping us. Animatic scene 1.

Missing work from last week, the Watch mans modelsheet + his color and texture test. New work: Sketching on the Dead world environment. We need to show not just with research but our own images how we want it to look. See the Blog for color schemes and "Josie's La La Land" that we are going for style wise. Is that Ok?

I want the finished train sooner then u can say fish fingers, please give it to me soon or I will have to pass it to someone else.
New work: Visualise how our Dead world should look after the style and colorschemes we have - u can draw, use illustrator, maya, paint, whatever medium u want!

Animatic scene 4. 3D hair research for the Sofie, the girl. And IF u get time then please try to visualise how the Dead world should look after the research and colorschemes we have, u can do it in maya if u want, dont have to draw - but this is only if u get time. Sorry about Bobo, I didn't get much fedback when I posted him on the blog and should have adressed it earlier, will try n develop him as I find the designs very important I do know that I can't do it for too long so I will post my versions on the Blog as soon as I can.

Peace n Luv,
tired asa


Hey, I was looking at my scene, scene 3 and I wondered what actual changes you wanted to be made. I can do some simple blocking out in maya to try to sync it with the train scene but I dont think its going to add much to the clarity of the story. Let me know. Pat

Dead Land Research

Hey, I know there have been some decisions made about the look of the dead world but maybe these can help in some way as we go along. I think with the experimental nature of the dead world it cant be too bad to have more to draw from.
I think it is something that should continue to evolve even as we are making it.
The cloud people picture is from a film as you can see called "Waking Life". I really suggest everyone watching it, its about the dream world, it's done with a variety of rotoscoping animated styles that are constantly changing throughout the film. I think it can be great inspiration for us.