Tuesday, 20 November 2007


If anyone's confused -

- scene 3 in the animatic ( IN AFTER EFFECTS ) , + the work u had for last week, Music Research ( and maybe even making music as u have talked about) , the cloud tests, are we making them in After Effects or ? Where do they look the best? New work: I know that u don't like drawing but please try and visualise how the dead world should look like based on the decisions we have made so far, u don't have to draw, u can use Maya, illustrator, cut outs, paint etc, the more of us that works on this the better

I want the finished hospitalroom so maybe ask Mike H as we talked about about colors so its finished? I didn't know that we have to show environment sketches on the summative so I guess u might have to re draw and draw the bed instead of marking with a X where it should be plus add toys on her table and all that stuff that we have talked so much about that should prove that she have lived there for a long time. Animatic Scene 2 and 3D Hair research for Sofie. U chose when u start modeling Sofie as long as u have her ready next term for rigging. Modelsheet for the hospital horse toy. Sketches of the dead world.

Dr's modelsheet is finished and Jessica S is considering modeling him during X-mas but wants someone else to rig him.
Find a modeler for the mother. Character Sheet and developing Bobo + final Bobo modelsheet. I am working on sound effects and is in contact with a Sound students that is intrested in helping us. Animatic scene 1.

Missing work from last week, the Watch mans modelsheet + his color and texture test. New work: Sketching on the Dead world environment. We need to show not just with research but our own images how we want it to look. See the Blog for color schemes and "Josie's La La Land" that we are going for style wise. Is that Ok?

I want the finished train sooner then u can say fish fingers, please give it to me soon or I will have to pass it to someone else.
New work: Visualise how our Dead world should look after the style and colorschemes we have - u can draw, use illustrator, maya, paint, whatever medium u want!

Animatic scene 4. 3D hair research for the Sofie, the girl. And IF u get time then please try to visualise how the Dead world should look after the research and colorschemes we have, u can do it in maya if u want, dont have to draw - but this is only if u get time. Sorry about Bobo, I didn't get much fedback when I posted him on the blog and should have adressed it earlier, will try n develop him as I find the designs very important I do know that I can't do it for too long so I will post my versions on the Blog as soon as I can.

Peace n Luv,
tired asa

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