Monday, 5 November 2007

Week 6, Monday Meeting

Here's a short report from the Monday meeting:

We took a look at the updated animatic and it didnt really make any sense. Some old frames where in there so it was a bit confusing and needs morw work. The next meeting is on Wednesday after lunch so to that meeting;

Patrick ( u can skip the mood boards and color boards, Wan and i did them last week.) Work on a block out for developing our poor filmiclanguage and find better camera angles, look into music and how the enviroment in the dead world could look

Raphael will play around with the timing of the animatic and recieved the after effects file from Patrick. He will present the five creature designs that we all liked in a variety of colors and textures ( from the color shemes that I presented on the Blog ) so that we have a lot to choose from and if he ha stime he will make more sketches.

Josie, u said that u are not so used with modeling, take time now to look at tutorials and practise! U will get the modelsheet this week so that u can get started. I just bumped into Becca in the corridor and I wanna see her new sketches before as she might have done a much nicer girl then me :) Hospital room color test for the walls, shouldn't take more then ten minutes to do really - just click colors on the walls in photoshop and post them on the blog so that we can vote :)

Nnamdi showed new train sketches and I really liked the old steam train with the lantern so I asked him to develop it. I asked him about interior design sketches and he said that he didnt really like that shot in the animatic from inside the train. I like it as i find our film language quite straight forward and boring but Nnamd then made a point then the train maybe should be a bit mysterious and is it really if we enter it? Thats a point, I am not sure about it yet do, have to think about it. Nnamdi also made a mood list for the different scenes that we have to remember while storyboarding and placing our camera.

Asa - modelsheets for the girl to Josie so that she can start modeling. I just wanna see Beccas new sketches so that I know we aren't missing anything nice there. Try and find time and hook up with Christina so she could have a go at making the music. I will be working on a animatic in After effects with cut outs but it will not be finished this week as I will wait for Patricks new input.

Wan - will see u and your sketches tomorrow. I feel that we will have a train soon, both u and Nnamdi are very close so keep going that direction! Looking forward to see more trainstations as well. Nice work last week Wan. U gat the modelsheet for Bobo on the Blog so knock yourself out and have fun with Maya! How long time do u want me to plan that modeling Bobo and rigging him will take? So that we can update the timetable and plan better :)

Aminata - develop the trainstation sketch that I really liked. Ps Can u giveme some concept of that toy crocodile on wheels? I liked it, might try and find a way to stick it in there ;) If u also could sketch on creatures for the dead world then that would be amasing!

EVERYONE : music. how should the dead world look? and what about the dr and the mom?

I have been really worried and stressed out about this film but I felt much better today. It is my responsibilitie as a producer to make sure that we are on track ( and yours as well Josie as you are the co producer so I should be able to leave u to run a meeting and you should know whats going on with the animatic, concept art work etc ) . I need you guys and girls to tell me if you feel that I am not being clear enough on what u have to do or if you feel I am giving you to short or to long time to work on things. Mike was really worried as well and thought that most of the work that we have done in 5 weeks could have been done in a afternoon - we all need to take that criticism seriously as its not just my film that might get fucked up but our BA degrees. So don't just think about my film, think about YOUR INDIVIDUAL WORK and what you are contributing with for my films and others so that you don't end up with shitty grades. Just for your own sake.

If you don't post your research and sketches on this Blog, the group Blog or show it to me in meetings- then I am afraid it doesn't exist as I haven't been able to see it. Use this Blog, it is our Bible.

My job is to make sure the art work, the story, the animatic etc is the film that I belived in and really liked and is the film that I wanted to do and then to get it done. If I can't find the designs I want within our group then I will ask other students for concept to get the look that I want etc. so that we can get this done!

Good luck with all the work and see u all on Wednesday!

peace n luv,

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