Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Dead Land Research

Hey, I know there have been some decisions made about the look of the dead world but maybe these can help in some way as we go along. I think with the experimental nature of the dead world it cant be too bad to have more to draw from.
I think it is something that should continue to evolve even as we are making it.
The cloud people picture is from a film as you can see called "Waking Life". I really suggest everyone watching it, its about the dream world, it's done with a variety of rotoscoping animated styles that are constantly changing throughout the film. I think it can be great inspiration for us.

1 comment:

├ůsa said...

yes, development can never be wrong but to me this is a bit to colorful and abstract. I like the mysterious feel and the almost magical feel to the "I lived on The moon " video and "Josie's La la land". Did u see the images?

peace n luv n hope u get better soon!

ps and make us some dope ass music :)