Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Coloured floor included

Hiya everyone,

I've coloured the floor this time:

See you all on Thursday instead!
Josie :)


"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

The last room is quite horrible with that floor so maybe we shoudl go gor that one? I will leave it for a day or to and see if we get any fedback from the rest of the group.

peace n luv,

wanimanga said...
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wanimanga said...

I think we need to look at the tones we are going to use again.

I doubt any hospital will use colours like these :S

Josie Cheung said...

Oh right - sorry :P

I'll do more research and experiment!


├ůsa said...

yes they do use colors in the children hospitals, we have to take it our way though and not make it warm cousy and calm but uncomfartable, sterile and cold to prove our point that the hosiptal is not a place our girl wants to be in.

A lecturer showed us a cut from Aristocats in our fisrt year and said if we thought it was anything weird with the scene he showed us, everyone said no, but the fact is all the colors was very unnatrual - just because they wanted to make it more scary and creapy, so we can cheat a bit as long as it works :) But yes the use of colors for the hospital is important so its worth looking into.

peace n luv,