Monday, 26 November 2007

Todays Meeting and the last Meeting

We went through the animatic and started working on all the changes that has to be done, some changes we had already decided on last time we looked at the animatic so I dont know how the gat repeated, please take notes at meetings and I will do my best to sum things up here on the Blog as well so that we dont have to repeat misstakes as we have so little time :)

Nive work by the way! Nice that u put that light in Wan!


Asas scene - speed thing up and show stronger character animation, right now u dont understand that she first doesnt recognise Bobo and that she is happy and reliefed to see him. Show more of their strong relation. Dont zoom out in the last hug scene, cut straight to Josies sideview.

Josie - Zoom in on the girl from side view as she is turning her head over her shoulder as she noticed that frightening and threatining sound from behind. More tension in this scene so bobo should grab er must faster as they have to hurry and are in danger, show more clearly as in your storyboard scenes how he seriuosly ask her to quickly jump up on his shoulder, Longer scene of them running and add more tension there as well. We need more hsadow concept but there is no time for it now so we will have to develop that during X-mas - I can do that. I think we need a shoot of the shadow growing in distance coming closer as well just before Sophie jumps up on Bobo;s shoulders.

Wan - The first shot where they meet again in the mist is missing, let me know if u loose the drawing or dont rember how I want it and I'll e-mail u a new one ) Shoot 3 - not so fast and not so far. Bobo and Sophies farwell needs more time, the part where turns around and stops him inside the station and look him in the eye needs 2 close ups of them lookin in eachothers eays to establish that they are syaing good bye and he cant follow. Also the way she turns around and sop him by putting her hand towards his belly/chest as a stop sign to say here but no longer. Bobo should slowly run after the train as it leaves as he has to be outside the trainstation when he waves good bye to her. End seqense missing where Bobo waves to Sophie satnding on the back of the train disapering into the light.

Thanks for nice work with the animatic my troopers!

Raphael is going to work hard on getting the watch man finalised for the Dead world cos that has been delayed a bit now, Raphael is also making concept for the films thumbnails and will borrow watercolors from me.

Peace n Luv,

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