Thursday, 29 November 2007

Changes in the Animatic

Hey again!

I am trying to finish of as much as possible as I am leaving tomorrow and will be gone until the 10 th of January.

Here are the changes in the animatic that I have come up with so far:

Scene 1 - Asa's scene - fedback everyone, am I being clear enough with this scene? Does she seem lost and do u understand that she recognizes Bobo and that he is an friend? I will make a 3d blockout out of it so we can show the camera pan n get more exact timing.

Scene 2 and 3 - Josies scenes - we should make a 3d blockout of this as well. We need more tension when the shadow appears and start hunting them - maybe a close up of their scared faces while running as in action film- a short cut- and the girl should look more peaceful and satisfied and smile when she dies but instead o redoing it I think we should go for an block out n just put drawings on the maya file as Jess n almost everyone else has done to show face-expressions. The farewell between the mother and the girl is very important and has to be clearer- the mother is looking sad but is not crying, she lloks tired and u can see that all this has taken her down for a long long time - they look at eachother while givin eachother bobo and the girl smiles so the mother gives a small smile back - she has accepted that Sophie is dying and lets her go. We dont want to be overly sad here- we are trying to ay that sometimes maybe death is not a bad thing, understand what I mean? We have to ask if Raphael or Patrick can do the blockout of your scene as u has to get started on modeling the girl. Help me with that as I might not see them before I go.

Scene 4 - we need a new end. Like we discussed before leaving Bobo by the trainstation doesnt make any sense when he is her best friend - this is also what other students said about our animatic, why is he left there?
* first shot is in a bit weird angle I realized when I checked it again- we cant really see her face expression as its shot from an angle from above i want it lover and closer so that she is close to us the audience and we see her face clearly in the screen n bobo coming up behind her knocking on her shoulder- they turn and see the train.
* No stop and farewell between Bobo and the girl- no stretch. I have 2 characters that i put on the train platform - one of them get on the train with Bobo and the girl, they should sit like in Spirited away maybe so we dont have to draw so many other passangers or? Close shot of Bobo n Sophie sitting together looking happy about being on the train, Sophie head leaning on Bobos side, instead of bobo waving by - the character that didnt get on the train takes bobos part n run after the train waves good bye and they take of as before.

If anyone of u is confused n wonder what the hell I am talking about then please let me know and I make sketches for u so that it might be easier to understand - now I have to write an essay :)

Peace n luv,

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