Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Trainstation Research and sketches from Asa

I have seen some research of trainstations from Wan but nothing from Raphael and I don't want us to get delayed so I did some. I love the tree house, a bit magical that can be developed. Could be cool if the trainstation was between the roots under a tree? I don't know but I definitly want some imagination and magic in there.

peace n luv,

PS what happened with the animatic? We need it here on the blog for music research and etc.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I like two!
The Tree house and the one on the Cliff next to the ocean!


Eva Ng said...

i'm liking this new diversion of train stations....

wanimanga said...

Oooh, I like.

I agree with Josie, although the cliff/castle/island thing looks a bit fake?

Concerned with if the station is between the roots of the tree:

- How much of the tree will we see? In our shots of the station, I'm not sure if we even see the station fully.
- Why is it in the roots and not the top? Seems safer at the top, but they need a platform to run from also.
- What tree are we going to use? We don't want something that looks like it might fall over at any minute.

├ůsa said...

Na i just gat the idea when i saw that japanese tree restaurant but i thought that maybe u wouldn't like it, there should be lots and lots of roots so that the light could fall in nicely between them and give a nice effect, i am not very good on drawing though so i couldnt make it as i imagine it in my head :)
Yes there has to be a platform, and I would like raphaels man with a watch head to stand by the door or on the platform. But do u guys like the idea of a house on top and lanterns hanging or the one with leafs hanging down around it and fireflies flying around it?

Peace n Luv,

Im happy u guys liked the idea, I'd love to model it in 3D so I am well up for it :) I think if we have a really imaginative tainstation and nice train then we dont need so much in the deadworld, maybe just mist and a nice colorscheme, and light and clouds?