Thursday, 1 November 2007

Train - Station

Maybe some ideas for the train station?

They all kinda look the same so I need to compound this research and give us a better variety.
I have a nice range of concepts designs that current architects have drafted, I'll post them up as soon as.

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├ůsa said...

I dont know it there should be such a massive trainstation. I liked the light that Nnamdi talked about but to get that they have to enter the trainstation and thats not how we have planned it or storyboard it. I was thinking more of a small trainstation, cos they are not going to enter it and the enviroment is quite empty so maybe something to big all of a sudden would feel weird and take long time for us to build and light properly as well or? How do u imagine that trainstation would look from the outside and a bit smaller?

peace n luv,