Thursday, 22 November 2007

Todays Meeting Peeps!

Attending Asa, Wan and Josie and Raphael ( came half an hour late and missed most of the animatic talk )

We discussed the animtic scenes that we gat so far and all the changes that everyone has to do. We decided that we all should use my new cut out drawings and they are ease to change in After Effects without effecting work already done- Aminata showed how to do it, click image and reload file in After Effects.

I need everyones work on sunday so that I can cut it all together in Premier - edit and cut together your own work so that i don't have to kill myself on sunday nite and easily can put the parts together.

We discussed the Bobo design as I am not satisfied with the one we have, we discussed how his legs should look and his entire design as it will affect the animation and raphael wants to start researching this during the X-mas break to plan his animation for next term. Raphael can't log into the college computers and has no internet at home so he gat problems checking his mail etc.

Wan had some really nice color research that he will put together samples of and show on the Group Blog. Josie is almost done with the hospital room and asked Mike H about colors.

Christina handed me music that I will e-mail everyone together with the pdf files tonite ( u gat stuff in your mail boxes already :)

Wan decided to model the Mother during the X-mas break and gat the modelsheet from Aminata.

Jessica decided to model the Dr and gat the modelsheet from me.

We meet again on Monday to go through the final animatic and go through our presentation that we have on Wednesday.

Those of u who are not showing up or contacting me and telling me why and dont do their work can start looking for other film projects to work on.

peace n luv,

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