Sunday, 30 December 2007

Asa working on the hospital room

I want to add some of the girls drawings and photos of her from different occasions on the wall, some drawings and color pencils and cards from friends from her birthday or maybe just "thinking about u, get better cards" and a children's book etc on her table. Haven't started the heart rate monitor as I couldn't find a good image bit now I have one. I want to add a plastic box on wheels by her desk as well with some toys in but will need help to model toys - something for Eva or Jessica maybe if anyone of u have time? The room is not finished, the girls bed needs wheels under it and the heart rate monitor and the drip stand etc is not done yet but I will finish that this week. I have started the trainstation as well, will post images soon.

I also changed her bed as my boyfriend made a good point and said that the room could be her own room at home with a drip stand and a heart rate monitor - we have to show that she is in a hospital. Should the guestbed be the same or? I also added some alarm and nurse buttons behing the bed as they have that I Swedish hospitals and some others as well. Have to do what we can to show that it is a HOSPITAL. I haven't started texturing yet, will do that when I come home and will ask Ross to do the light as he said he would help us with light.

Peace n Luv,


Saturday, 29 December 2007

Heart-beat monitors & update of my progress

Hiya everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

Here are some examples of machines that monitors the Heart-beats (not sure what's the proper name!) I found on the Internet:

This is one screen-shot of the Sophie model that I am still working on (There's more screen-shots on my personal blog):

This is just Sophie when she's bald (I'll work on the hair later as we have talked not to have real hair but have fixed modelled hair instead)- Still need to finished the rigging!!!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday!!

Josie ^_^

Friday, 28 December 2007

Hey from Asa in Thailand!

Guess if its fuckin hard to sit and work with Maya when u are in paradise n its really hot and u just want to sleep n swim?
Anyway, i am having a good time and dont want to come back to UK at all. Hope u all are having a good break as well!!
I have started modeling both the hospital room and the trainstation - the hospital room is straight forward but i miss concept n research of how the heart machine should look - and is anyone interested in making the animated heartbeats for the screen of the machine in After Effects? I am trying to find good pictures of that heart beat machine now in an nternet cafe but cant find any, did u have any when u reserached i Josie? Please put them up then so i can model, thanks!

Looking forward to see everyones work in progress so I hope u start posting some stuff here soon :)

The trainstation is a bit of a pain in the ass so i am not sure if i will have it completly finished but my aime is to have it done and texture when I come back

peace n luv and happy new year!!

Monday, 10 December 2007

winter break

For the Winter Break I will be helping to do some concept for the environments, and maybe to start placing characters in a scene, to get a feel of the film. I am in process of creating my personal schedule for the Christmas Break. Have a look at my blog for more details. Any requests let me know.


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Updated Christmas timetable

Hiya everyone!!

Here's the latest timetable for everyone:

Asa has already explained some details for the animatic scenes for everyone in the group blog so if you're confused double check it!!

Enjoy the holidays!