Thursday, 28 February 2008

3D Blockout - Scenes 2 - 4 DONE!!!

Hiya - finally got the 3D Blockout of Scenes 2, 3 and 4 uploaded on the blogg (NOTE: for some reason there are some scenes that jumps and its fine in the other video.. ..)

Well let me know if there are any changes that's needed to be done!

Josie ^_^

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Meeting today with Mike

Hi Everyone!

We will meet up with Mike today at eleven.

The Mother is rigged and finished and Wan will either show a playblast of her on the blog or leave the rig for us in a public folder so that we can see her. I told Wan that he did not have to come as he has been working a lot on Bobo and the mother and is behind with his dissertation.

Giles and Rob found some things that would not work out with the model of the girl when she is rigged so Aminata has to do a couple of more changes before she is finished. Wan and I will both make blendshapes for her.

I will get all the hospital props from Eva and Josie today and will pass the hospital room to Ross for lighting :)

Mike. H gat a digital recorder from me yesterday so that he can start recording what hopefully might be Sophie's voice in the film.

Caspar has some problems with the train, the carriages goes in to eachother in curves so he is working on that and will also texture the train.

We are all very busy with out dissertations now but bear in mind - I wanted us to start animating week 7, it is week 8 now.
If we don't have EVERYTHING finished and start animating week 9 or week 10, first week of the easter break- then we are SCREWED and can say good bye to this film so we all need to help out even if we have a lot now and make sure that character models, block out, environments, camera list is done before we leave college this term.

peace n luv,

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Trapeze Wheee!!!

So yess I've modelled this trapeze for you. it's rather metal textures so a lot of phong going on with adjusted attributes.

I hope it'll help the film to look more hospital like.... Enjoy




Thursday 6th March with Mike Smith

11.30 - 12.15pm - The Day that I Died

Be there everyone!

peace n luv,

Monday, 25 February 2008

Suggestions for Deadworld

........ There's more on my blog

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Colors of the deadworld

Hi ya!

I didn't get any feedback about the color tests I put up so I decided on my own that thats the colors we will use as I can't wait any longer for your opinions. See u all next week and good luck with all the dissertation work!

peace n luv

Friday, 22 February 2008

Height reminder!

Just a reminder of the characters heights...

Mother 1.7m

Doc 1.8m?

Sophie ~1.3m

Bobo (Dead World) 2.1m?

Bobo (Soft Toy) 0.35m

3D Blockout - Scene 2 & 3 complete 1st draft

Hiya - here's the 3D block-out for Scene 2 & 3

(NOTE - I wasn't too sure on how the shadow would look like so I borrowed Asa's sketch/designs from her blog for the chase scene - hope you don't mind Asa!)

This is just my opinion of the use of camera angles so its not finalised until the whole group sees it and gives feedback - I'll meet up with Asa on Monday to discuss this as well as with the other scenes - we both wanted to get the 3D block out done a.s.a.p so we can quickly pass it on to the sound guy (Sorry - I can't remember the guy's name!!!!)

Josie ^_^

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Until Wednesday Next Week

Patrick - I wanna see the Dr textured so I can okej him before u rig him like with everything else. Post images her or mail me so I can see him asap. We'll skip the cloth, hope u gat the mail.

Wan and Patrick- I want the mother and the Dr FINISHED, ( rigged, textured, blendshapes EVERYTHING) by this week.

Wan can u start with Bobo or should I pass it to someone else? Let me know asap. Need him next week finished.

I want Josie and me to meet up on Monday or Tuesday and do the block out - let me know what day that suits u Josie.

I want all the hospital props from Eva and Josie on Monday - Textured and finished.

The girls blendshapes finished so the model can be passed to Giles.

Caspar - how is it going with the train, need it next week finished.

GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK ON THE DEADWORLD!! It has to be finished next week so what about the colors, what about the flowers etc etc, if I don't get feed back I will make all the decisions and all of u might not be happy with the look, its on u

Peace n Luv,

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Meeting with Mike today

Josie, Wan and Raphael (Asa text me a message and cannot come to the meeting)

Well we didn't have a meeting with Mike today as he was too busy with other things but he will see us next Wednesday (27TH) same time at 11am. Because he was busyI was only able to show him our group blog to let him see our progress ( he saw the dead world illustrations and the targets set for each members) and I also told him briefly what each member of the group had achieved that was not mentioned/screen shot images showned in the blog i.e. Asa working on the Dead World in Maya, Wan rigging the model etc.

Mike wants to see (for next meeting) -
The 3D model/characters combined in the Dead world - this is so that he could see how the characters appear in the 2D world.

Have test movements i.e. clouds, characters moving about in the dead world - have at least one shot of the scene to be shown for next week.

Mike just wants us to continue with our work progress and update the blog.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Colors for the Deadworld

Hi Everyone!

As we discussed today - I don't like the old idea of having everything grey, it doesn't really communicate to me, I wouldn't want to be in a dark grey place - does it really to u? We talked about animating textures to go from grey to light- we also talked about having one color scheme but work with the light and go from grey to more light n more color. We should decide tomorrow when we look at all the tests.

Cloud, mist, flowers and background are all 2D so they should be put in in compositing
fireflies as well. 3d ground should be made and rendered separately and characters separately - then all put together in AE.

Is this to yellowish?

this one is more greyish

peace n luv

Formative Coming Up!

We need to finish:

* 3D BLOCKOUT (Josie and Asa)



* ALL CHARACTERS RIGGED, TEXTURED AND OK'ed BY ASA ( Wan, Patrick and Giles) by Wednesday Week 8 ( its week 7 now)

* HOSPITAL ENVIRONMENT - finsihed. Change or add light? Talk to Ross the light God. (Asa)

* THE DEADWORLD ENVIRONMENT - what should be done in After Effects in Compositing and what should be done now? (Asa + Group)



This term has truly just disappeared! There is 149 days left until the film should be handed in!!

During the Easter break I expect everyone to post there work in progress on Fridays every week on this Blog.

Peace n Luv,

Monday, 18 February 2008

Asa's personal timetable

Hi again!

The easter break is coming up so I think we should all make individual timetables, this one is ruff but in a week or two I can define it and upload it again with more exact animation details.

Let's all make our own timetables, I think it will be very helpful!

Most of the animation will have to be done during the easter break as we will need time for rendering, compositing and editing.

Peace n Luv,

Developing The Dead World

Hi Everyone!
I have been working on the Dead world in After Effects, just to get the colors and the feel right. I still want to make this environment in Maya so I will make the Maya tests to nite.
My questions is to you guys n girls- isn't the Deadworld to unhappy if it goes in all the grey scales as we wanted? Don't we have to really communicate that this is a happy secure and nice plave where the girls wants to be?
Here are some simple color tests to see what could work and not:

I have one in grey scales as well, just so that u all can see the difference. Kept the clouds yellow in this version.

and here's the flower that I found so far that I liked the most, but it might make this place to pretty. And here are more of my flower sketches;

Here is one idea that I had for flowers - they could grow on roots but u would never see any trees.


Peace n Luv,

Made changes for the Heart Monitor - textured it as well

Hiya - I manage to get the heart monitor done (made changes from Jessica S's original model). Is this alright? I was making the changes while looking at this heart-monitor machine I found on the internet:

The rendered version:

Please comment! - It's late now so good night! Josie ^_^

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Flower Research & Sketches for the Dead World

Hello! - just thought I show the group of what I found on the internet of different flowers:

Sketched some flowers: At the moment this sketch below is my favourite:
Just thought I let you know that I won't come in tomorrow (I know we don't have a meeting) - I'm feeling quite stressed and I would prefer to work at home. I'll see you all on Tuesday instead!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Stool,Vases - finished textured - dolls needs more time!

Got the Stool and vases textured:
Having problems texturing the dolls (especially with the Horse doll) so it may not be great - I'll post them up a.s.a.p when I've textured them the best I can. This is how the dolphin doll looks like at the moment. It looks fine at the side view but when you rotate to its front view:

The texture is stretched out in the center:

Any ideas how I can solve this problem? - its the same with the head for the horse doll!


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

train update

This is how the train is looking at the moment. After talking with Asa i have changed the cabin of the engine slightly so you can't see as much inside. I am not sure if there should be a door or not.
I have also sorted the problem of connecting the carriages. I am working out how i can rig the chain to move nicely.Oh this is just to give an idea of the scale please tell me if this is wrong or any thoughts on any of the other parts. Also some ideas for the style/colour for the texture would be good. thanks

Update after the meeting with Mike

At today's meeting I wanted to put this film down, I don't feel that we have done much progress since Mike warned us and is really worried about that we are so  behind with our schedule. 
But Mike wants us to continue and he believe that we can make this film.

We will have a meeting with Mike again next Wednesday at 11.
I think its really helpful if we can meet him once a week cos he can help us with the art direction and the animation. Next week I want to feel and believe that we can get there, I think we all need to feel it so lets finish off some shit on our long long list now!

Until Wednesday:

Asa - make tests of the Dead world environment and make scene 1 in the animatic ruffly to get the feel of the film. Paint the lip texture to the mother. Pass a digital recorder to Mike.H so that he can record the voice. Texture the drip stand and find out why some textures act so weird.

Aminata - change the ears on Sophie.

Wan - finish the mother, texture her hair with the texture that u showed today. Add bump map on her jumper. Make her REALLY happy blendshape face for the photoframe - show me, and then rig her. Pass Asa the lip UV map for the mother =+ maybe I can help you with the eyebrows. Give Bobo more shapes, more like the model I did quickly today.

Josie - make your scene 1 and 2 from the animatic in 3D. U gat the hospital room, the girl, the mother and the Dr today even if they are not finished they work fine for a block out. Think about camera angles - we don't want to see Sophie giving the toy to the mother without seeing the mothers face.  Finish the two toys, the stool and the vase. Research and sketch on flowers/plants for the deadworld. texture the heart rate monitor.

Eva - build the hospital room "lift" by the bed on the wall. Would appreciate if you could texture it as well.

Caspar - texture and rig the train until week 8. Then we want to get started.

Next week Giles will help us and rig the girl ;)

Peace n Luv,

Monday, 11 February 2008

Modelled new models and textured the toys

Well I know for sure that I won't have time to do any work tomorrow (Tuesday) as I have work - job. So I quickly modelled the things I was assigned to do. Firstly, the stool:

The Vase(s) - I really liked both the orange and red coloured (from the picture that Asa posted long ago) and I can't really choose so I just modelled both! - so you guys can just pick the one for me!

I'm not too proud with the dolphin texture :S - I have no idea how to bump-map so this is the best I could do, I used the pink fabric texture for it but I may need to change it again!

With the horse doll I didn't change the textures but I did smoothed the whole body again so there's no edges shown anymore. Also I've done the changes for Scene 2 & 3 for the animatic but I had problems while editing them with the original animatic so I'll work on that tomorrow at Uni instead.

Josie ^_^

New week and New tasks

This is how it should be if everyone sticked to their deadlines :)
If u haven't - ajabaja as we say in Sweden- get back on track!

Josie are finsihed with the two toys and will texture the heart rate monitor + model and texture a vase and a stool ( info in older post ). Don't forget to bring in your changes to the animatic. I would also like u to research and sketch on what kind of plants/ vegetation/flowers we could have in the deadworld cos we don't want to copy Josie's La La Land but have our own style. 

Asa is finsihed with the hospital room and are waiting for props from Josie and Eva. Start working on the Dead world environment. Change Bobo and pass ideas / models to Wan for blendshapes and rig.

Wan - the Mother finished, with eyebrows and some color on the lips, pass me the hair test as fast as u can so we can decide about the hair for all the models as fast as u can. Let me know when u are finsihed so I can pass u new tasks.

Patrick - rigged and textured the Dr. Would u like to change 2 scenes in the animatic? It's changing a camera angle in Wans and yours first scene, scene 4 and then making my scene, scene 1 in maya - when Bobo and Sofie meet in the mist. Cos then we would have a block out:) Let me know so that I can explain better and show you what I mean.

Raphael - has vanished.

Eva - working on the lift this week.

We need someone who can weight, rig and make blendshapes for the girl- as she is our most important character it should be someone who is familiar with rigging and blendshapes so that it can be done quickly. So let me know if u know anyone in the class asap.

peace n luv,

The Hospital Room latest update

Ladies and gentlemen, it is slowly but surely getting there. I played around with different floor textures and I like this one the most cos its a typical institution floor. I want it more glossy though as they are in hospitals. All the bump maps and textures are not on yet but I do think it looks better now when I added the window and the chair or what do you think?

As u can see the texture on the bow with toys and the panel and one of the drawings are acting really funny so I am trying to figure out why.. really weird.

Will get more props from Josie and Eva this week.

I want to wait with the pillows and the duvet until Sophie is in the scene so I can shape them after her. Can anyone help me look for a good picture to have as the view from the window?

Peace n luv,

Meeting with Mike Smith on WEDNESDAY!!!

Afternoon everyone!

Just to let everyone know that we have a meeting with Mike Smith this coming Wednesday 13th as he wants to see our progress with our project.

Please remember to arrive at 10am so we can sort out with everyone's work of what they have supposed to work on!

If you have any problems - let either Asa or Josie know!


Horse Doll - textured

Ok, here's the horse doll textured, hope you like it!:

It's not great as I still need to work out the UV mapping properly but it's mostly textured - Please let me know what you guys think! - Josie

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Girl in Progress

These are some of the changes that I have asked Aminata to do, give the girl bigger ears and eyes, take away the texture on her bald head and make her look  bit paler and sicker when she is bald and healthier with hair. I also think her eyebrows should come down a little bit cos she looks a bit surprised now. Aminata and Wan will use the same hair and skin texture for the girl and for the mother. But its looking good isn't it?

Thanks a lot Aminata! Really nice work!!

peace n luv,

Friday, 8 February 2008

Two dolls modeled

Evening! - I've modeled the two toys for the hospital room - for the horse doll I just need to make some minor changes like the scurf (need to connect the vertex later - need to combine the half model as one)

This is just a test - not sure if I should use Maya fur instead.. ..

With the dolphin doll I'm not too sure - does it look like a doll to everyone? or should I just work on textures to make it look like a doll rather the model itself?

I'll do some research on the hospital equipments for the room later! - Josie

Rules for Working On my film

It seems to still be some confusion so here it is, the way I want us to work,

* if u don't understand what i am talking about, ask me, if u think that i am wrong- say so, i want us to communicate so that we can bring the best out of everyone and make a really good film :)

* if u can't make it to an meeting then u call or e-mail me and say so.

* Missing a meeting does not mean that you escaped your deadline - e-mail me your work or if it is work in progress, show me print screen images on the blog. I need to see what everyone is doing veery week and I have said so a thousand times before.

* Show some commitment and take part in discussions, decisions that are made and show up at meetings and be a part of the blog.

* try your very best to stick to deadlines, reasons why failing them should be technical problems or that u have been extremely sick or have personal problems - not that u went to the cinema or the pub instead.

This is all I am asking for. 

If u can't follow this, then I don't want u in my team.  

peace n luv,

Treasure chest

okay so here is the other prop, the treasure chest. I won't model anything that may not be used. I guess the communication wasn't too clear. So to model is the hospital bed lift, which i shall also get some research on and then model. There are various types, but the one you posted up was quite good anyway.


Thursday, 7 February 2008

Bobo research

Evening everyone! - Just read your message Asa, and here's some examples of dolls I found which hopefully is helpful!


Todays Meeting

Hi Josie and Wan!

At todays meeting we took a look at Wan's blendshapes and my hospital room. Wan had some minor things to change on some of the blendshapes, most of them had to do with the eyes and that the mother should have heavier eyelids so that you wouldn't see as much of her eyes as u do now. Nice work Wan! I realised that we need one happy blendshape so that we can use it for the picture of Sophie and her mum in the picture frame on the hospital.

We realised that we need more things in the hospitalroom to show that it actually is a hospital room. Eva will model the lift above the bed. I am trying to find a typical hospital floor texture, has been looking for weeks, propbaly have to paint it.

I added some plugs when u guys had left, should we go for brithish ones? easier to model:)
The round circle was just the begining of modeling a European round plug )

it already looks a bit more as a hospital room :)

And Guys, I just had a chat with Dan and we took a look at Bobo, we do need to change him a bit cos he is scary - I need u all to brainstorm on what changes we can do and I need you to do it fast, areas that has to be changed is:

the nose, we already been there and tried but it didnt work - will have too look at other toys and how they solved it

the shape of his head - maybe we can drag his cheeks out a bit so that he is not so flat?

I know that u have done blendshapes but Bobo is also a maincharacter so people has to like him, I will add some ideas here as soon as I come home and we should all try and help out with this!

Raphael and Patrick did not show up and has not posted any work and we did not recieve any concept work from Adam or Christina.

Until next week.Tuesday:

Josie finish the toys and texture them - send me on skype.
Josie cuts in her changes in the animatic and shows me.
Jossie texture and model props to the hospital room. Like this and a vase to have on her table and the chair to have by the heart rate monitor and Dr euipment. Show me on skype and let me know when u are finished so that I can pass u new work. Ps probably easier to model this using NURBS. Let me know if u haven't worked with Nurbs and I can show u, easier to shape things, I think so anyway ;)

Choose a simple vase with a foot that nots to big so that it can fit it on the crewded table :)

Asa finish hospital room ( change floor texture, change guestbed, texture drip stand ) and start with the deadworld. Is Patrick texturing the Dr? I will do it now but as I am doing both the environments it will take some time.

Aminata changes to the model, eyes and feet, hair texture ( use the same as Wan), no texture on the head ont he bald version, take down the eyebrowse a bit cos now she looks a bit surprised.

Wan changes to the mothers blenshapes + texture her hair. Then the mother would be finsihed and would be ready to get rigged. We need her to be finished this week. Did u see the link here on the blog about rigging? I gat it from Aminata and she said it as really helpful.

Eva model lift to the hospital room ( above the bed with the triangular handle hanging down ) like this, really hard to find images online:

and here u see it better from the side

Everyone: how do we make Bobo look cuter and nicer? Very important.

That's all for now everyone!
If I don't see u in college tomorrow, have a nice weekend and see u all on Tuesday!

Peace n Luv,