Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Props and Toys modelling

I've been working hardcore on "Owl's Day Out" so my input on this film isn't very much. However I do want to help. I've already modelled some books and just about to finish a treasure chest. I picked my selection from the research that Josie had done. But I did say I would do a tamagotchi.

I've picked up my modelling skills quick and also they're getting a lot better. I'm finding new ways to handle stress a lot better this year and it's working, so far....... I will discuss more details with Asa about props modelling in a future meeting. I shall be in tomorrow if need be.

Here's a sneak peek at the books.


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Asas Jornal said...

Hi Eva!

Thanks a lot but please, don't model anything without asking me first- Josies stuff was research, not picked and decided so u might end up doing work we don't want or need so please double check with me first,

peace n lvu,