Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Meeting today with Mike

Hi Everyone!

We will meet up with Mike today at eleven.

The Mother is rigged and finished and Wan will either show a playblast of her on the blog or leave the rig for us in a public folder so that we can see her. I told Wan that he did not have to come as he has been working a lot on Bobo and the mother and is behind with his dissertation.

Giles and Rob found some things that would not work out with the model of the girl when she is rigged so Aminata has to do a couple of more changes before she is finished. Wan and I will both make blendshapes for her.

I will get all the hospital props from Eva and Josie today and will pass the hospital room to Ross for lighting :)

Mike. H gat a digital recorder from me yesterday so that he can start recording what hopefully might be Sophie's voice in the film.

Caspar has some problems with the train, the carriages goes in to eachother in curves so he is working on that and will also texture the train.

We are all very busy with out dissertations now but bear in mind - I wanted us to start animating week 7, it is week 8 now.
If we don't have EVERYTHING finished and start animating week 9 or week 10, first week of the easter break- then we are SCREWED and can say good bye to this film so we all need to help out even if we have a lot now and make sure that character models, block out, environments, camera list is done before we leave college this term.

peace n luv,