Friday, 22 February 2008

3D Blockout - Scene 2 & 3 complete 1st draft

Hiya - here's the 3D block-out for Scene 2 & 3

(NOTE - I wasn't too sure on how the shadow would look like so I borrowed Asa's sketch/designs from her blog for the chase scene - hope you don't mind Asa!)

This is just my opinion of the use of camera angles so its not finalised until the whole group sees it and gives feedback - I'll meet up with Asa on Monday to discuss this as well as with the other scenes - we both wanted to get the 3D block out done a.s.a.p so we can quickly pass it on to the sound guy (Sorry - I can't remember the guy's name!!!!)

Josie ^_^


Åsa said...

Hi Josie!

Yes its pain to upload films but it worked!

We decided on the shadows look a couple of weeks ago- u know, the tests form the bath tub? But I also said that I wanted to add a layer with one of those from my blog. I definitely think this one works for the blockout - otherwise we just cut the one from the bathtub out on monday and put it in, no worries! It looks good Josie! Thanks! But is there any way u can attach the arms to the bodies more so that they don't float around so much? Thats all.
The rest we get together on Monday,

Peace n Luv,

Åsa said...

Hi Josie!

I have been watching the scenes a couple of times now and this is the changes I have come up with so far:

arms and body parts are floating around to much and to far away from the bodies, try and move the arms, head etc closer to the bodies so that u don't see the gaps and they seem to float around so much

The hospital scene where the girl gives Bobo to the mom and she gives him back - we need more close ups, definitely atleast one of sophie cos now we never see there faces and face expression so we don't really see how they feel

I like the way u did the shadow chase, really nice, i just think its might be a little longer with maybe a shoot of them running from the front as well like in the animatic, but we can talk about that on Monday!

Nice work!!

Josie said...

Cool, I'll try to get some changes done today - I'm working on my PPD thing and a bit of my dissertation today so I may have to do the changes tomorrow when I come in to Uni - probably better that way as you can see the changes while I work on it at the same time just in case I mistook your suggestions!:P

It won't be hard to make the changes so it shouldn't take me long ^_^

Chat to you later or see you tomorrow!