Monday, 11 February 2008

Modelled new models and textured the toys

Well I know for sure that I won't have time to do any work tomorrow (Tuesday) as I have work - job. So I quickly modelled the things I was assigned to do. Firstly, the stool:

The Vase(s) - I really liked both the orange and red coloured (from the picture that Asa posted long ago) and I can't really choose so I just modelled both! - so you guys can just pick the one for me!

I'm not too proud with the dolphin texture :S - I have no idea how to bump-map so this is the best I could do, I used the pink fabric texture for it but I may need to change it again!

With the horse doll I didn't change the textures but I did smoothed the whole body again so there's no edges shown anymore. Also I've done the changes for Scene 2 & 3 for the animatic but I had problems while editing them with the original animatic so I'll work on that tomorrow at Uni instead.

Josie ^_^

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