Friday, 1 February 2008

BLENDSHAPES: List of face expressions

BOBO - he is a quite settled creature

* happy smiling when recognising Sophie in scene 1
* blinking
* worried and focused when noticing the threat = the shadow coming for them
* focused and determined to get Sophie to the train in scene 3

SOPHIE - goes from pale, sick and exhausted in the hospital room to a more healthier looking and happier girl with hair in the dead world

* blinking - one version when she is sick n bold in the hospital room and one when she has hair and look healthier in the dead world
* worried and anxious in scene 1 when she is lost in the mist in this new world that is new for her
* afraid when seeing creature coming toward her in the same scene
* happy and relaxed, feeling safe when recognizing Bobo, her friend
* scared and surprised when noticing the threat n danger - the Shadow coming to get her
* exhausted and bald in the hospital room, tired eyes and heavy eyelids, scene 3
* opening her eyes and realizing she is back in the hospital room, bald, scene 3
* a tired smile, saying good bye to her mother as she slowly falls asleep - dies, scene 3

The DR - knows that Sophie is dying and doesn't want to disturb when Sophie and her mother says good bye to eachother

* blinking

If anyone think I missed out on anything then please let me know asap!!
And please stay updated with the blog so u know what's going on.

Peace n Luv,

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