Monday, 11 February 2008

Horse Doll - textured

Ok, here's the horse doll textured, hope you like it!:

It's not great as I still need to work out the UV mapping properly but it's mostly textured - Please let me know what you guys think! - Josie


├ůsa said...


thanks Josie!

Have u tried smoothen it to take away all the edges? Try that, its quiet a lot of corners and edges now, we dont want to high poly but..u know.)
Nice textures! Try and put a bump map on them as well I think, just a normal one but so the fabric looks more real.

See u tomorrow!

peace n luv,

Anonymous said...

Okie Dokie - I'll try to smooth it more to get the edges then.

I never used Bump-mapping before so I'll have a go at it this afternoon. I should be able to get the other toy textured by today. I'll post up my progress so you know what I've been doing!

Chat to you later or see you tomorrow!

Josie ^_^