Thursday, 7 February 2008

Todays Meeting

Hi Josie and Wan!

At todays meeting we took a look at Wan's blendshapes and my hospital room. Wan had some minor things to change on some of the blendshapes, most of them had to do with the eyes and that the mother should have heavier eyelids so that you wouldn't see as much of her eyes as u do now. Nice work Wan! I realised that we need one happy blendshape so that we can use it for the picture of Sophie and her mum in the picture frame on the hospital.

We realised that we need more things in the hospitalroom to show that it actually is a hospital room. Eva will model the lift above the bed. I am trying to find a typical hospital floor texture, has been looking for weeks, propbaly have to paint it.

I added some plugs when u guys had left, should we go for brithish ones? easier to model:)
The round circle was just the begining of modeling a European round plug )

it already looks a bit more as a hospital room :)

And Guys, I just had a chat with Dan and we took a look at Bobo, we do need to change him a bit cos he is scary - I need u all to brainstorm on what changes we can do and I need you to do it fast, areas that has to be changed is:

the nose, we already been there and tried but it didnt work - will have too look at other toys and how they solved it

the shape of his head - maybe we can drag his cheeks out a bit so that he is not so flat?

I know that u have done blendshapes but Bobo is also a maincharacter so people has to like him, I will add some ideas here as soon as I come home and we should all try and help out with this!

Raphael and Patrick did not show up and has not posted any work and we did not recieve any concept work from Adam or Christina.

Until next week.Tuesday:

Josie finish the toys and texture them - send me on skype.
Josie cuts in her changes in the animatic and shows me.
Jossie texture and model props to the hospital room. Like this and a vase to have on her table and the chair to have by the heart rate monitor and Dr euipment. Show me on skype and let me know when u are finished so that I can pass u new work. Ps probably easier to model this using NURBS. Let me know if u haven't worked with Nurbs and I can show u, easier to shape things, I think so anyway ;)

Choose a simple vase with a foot that nots to big so that it can fit it on the crewded table :)

Asa finish hospital room ( change floor texture, change guestbed, texture drip stand ) and start with the deadworld. Is Patrick texturing the Dr? I will do it now but as I am doing both the environments it will take some time.

Aminata changes to the model, eyes and feet, hair texture ( use the same as Wan), no texture on the head ont he bald version, take down the eyebrowse a bit cos now she looks a bit surprised.

Wan changes to the mothers blenshapes + texture her hair. Then the mother would be finsihed and would be ready to get rigged. We need her to be finished this week. Did u see the link here on the blog about rigging? I gat it from Aminata and she said it as really helpful.

Eva model lift to the hospital room ( above the bed with the triangular handle hanging down ) like this, really hard to find images online:

and here u see it better from the side

Everyone: how do we make Bobo look cuter and nicer? Very important.

That's all for now everyone!
If I don't see u in college tomorrow, have a nice weekend and see u all on Tuesday!

Peace n Luv,


Josie said...

The hospital room is looking good! - the plug is fine, don't think you should change it.

Okie Dokie, I'll be working on the models during this week - I won't be coming into College tomorrow so I'll see on Tues or chat to you later on Skpe or something.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! -
"Happy New Year!!" :D!


├ůsa said...

Yes, I need the toys as planned this week and the changes to the animatic. I am going in tomorrow to try other floor textures and change the wardrobe and some details, make the file as small as possible etc. I added a window on the hospital door by the way but haven't find the texture I am looking for.

Hope u are getting a chance to celebrate the New Year Josie! I am completly out of it tonite, can't get anything done so I am going to bed, think i am gettin sick, chat to u tomorrow!

peace n luv,