Friday, 8 February 2008

Rules for Working On my film

It seems to still be some confusion so here it is, the way I want us to work,

* if u don't understand what i am talking about, ask me, if u think that i am wrong- say so, i want us to communicate so that we can bring the best out of everyone and make a really good film :)

* if u can't make it to an meeting then u call or e-mail me and say so.

* Missing a meeting does not mean that you escaped your deadline - e-mail me your work or if it is work in progress, show me print screen images on the blog. I need to see what everyone is doing veery week and I have said so a thousand times before.

* Show some commitment and take part in discussions, decisions that are made and show up at meetings and be a part of the blog.

* try your very best to stick to deadlines, reasons why failing them should be technical problems or that u have been extremely sick or have personal problems - not that u went to the cinema or the pub instead.

This is all I am asking for. 

If u can't follow this, then I don't want u in my team.  

peace n luv,

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