Thursday, 28 February 2008

3D Blockout - Scenes 2 - 4 DONE!!!

Hiya - finally got the 3D Blockout of Scenes 2, 3 and 4 uploaded on the blogg (NOTE: for some reason there are some scenes that jumps and its fine in the other video.. ..)

Well let me know if there are any changes that's needed to be done!

Josie ^_^


├ůsa said...

Hi Josie!

Wicked, thanks! Everything is MUCH BETTER then in the animatic but there is still a lot to do as this is how the film will be done so there is a lot of changes: first seq. when u zoom in on Sophies face as she turns and sees the shadow is way to fast, no one will see her face expression in that short scene so it still needs to be longer and it looks a bit weird when the camera zooms in on her and then goes back, it would be better if it just zoomed in and then stopped there close to her face, know what i mean?

The hospital scene is much much better but still needs some work, the scene where the dr leaves the room is good but it is more focus on him leaving the room then the mother who jut lost her child which we have to change cos the mother is more important, i think the mother should turn her head down n close her eyes maybe , look down on her daughter instead of just into the wall and the part when u zoom out is really nice but u forgat that she gives bobo back to sophie then

Some shots in the shadow scene- scene 2 are going way to fast and needs to be slowed down a bit, BUT much much better then before!! Still some work that has to be done but I know u gat dissertation so work on that until Monday and we get this done sometime next week,ok?

I love that way u changed sophie and bobo's good bye, that was exactly how i want it, close ups on their faces n so on, much much better then the how it was before! Good work Joise!! :) Some small changes there as well but we can do them together next week, lets survive the dissertation first :)

Its feels really good to see the film coming together, i think we cut it down a bit now as well cos it was like 4.20 or something long before

peace n luv

Josie said...

Ah cool - glad you liked it.

Yeah I'm sure the changes shouldn't take me long to do. May get them during the weekends. But I prefer to work at home so I won't come in on Monday unless I have to.

Chat to you later, enjoy the weekends and good luck with the dissertation!


Josie said...

Oh I forgot to mention - I know what kind of camera angles I used while I was working on the block-out of the scenes I did.

So if you want I can easily write them out with a brief explanation with it to show to the teachers.

Akicage said...

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