Sunday, 2 March 2008

Week 9 - Last Week his term!

Hi Everyone!

I guess that we all will be panicking with the dissertation this week BUT we have to meet up on Friday before the break.

We are three weeks behind in the program so the first week on the easter holiday I hope u all have understood will be college work.

On Friday we will go through all that has to be done and then I also want all of u to make your personal timetables for the easter break a and note that EVERY friday during this break everyone will have to report and post an update of their work n report their status here on the blog.

Asas work: Aminata has found faults with the girl model three times now so I received the finished version yesterday and will start working on the blendshapes this coming week so that Giles can rig her. I will check Wan's rig of the mother to make sure it doesn't need any more work or changes on Wednesday when I have access to maya. I will finish scene 1 for the block out that also will work as a look reference of how the film will be done.

Eva and Josie's work: -I want the props from Josie n Eva so that I can finish the hospital room and give it to Ross for lighting this coming week. I also want Josie to do the changes in her blockout scenes as some scenes are going way to fast etc see feedback here on the blog.

Raphael : is back and will find images that can work as the view from the hospital room and work on the white 2D creatures that will be in the film.

Ben : has offered us to sketch and model a new Bobo for us and is well informed about that he has to be finished in about ten days as we have to start animating. He will e-mail me sketches asap.

Wan: help make blendshapes for the girl. I gat the FINAL girl now so let me know when u are on skype and I'll send it to u )

The first week on the easter break we HAVE TO make sure all the characters gets rigged and finished and also that we get Caspar's train and plan all the animation scenes and who will do what during the break as all the animation has to be done during the break and I am very serious about this. So when u animate a scene I don't want u to think that one version of the scene will be enough - we are not animators so I want everyone to do their best and animate their scene in atleast 5-8 different versions so that we gat a lot to choose between. And if u don't read this and pretend that u did not know I will get really angry cos the point with this blog is that everyone reads it and knows the deal.

If anyone will go on holiday I will e-mail u what u have to do during the break, just let me know!

Good luck with all the dissertation work and see u all on friday!

Peace n Luv,


Åsa said...

Josie: u said that it was something with u're editing software- that it didn't run in college? Do u want me to send u my scene for the blockout so that u put it all together or should u give yours to me so that I put it all together? Let me know,

peace n luv,

Anonymous said...

Umm, I think it would be best if you send me your scene - It'll be easier since I have all 3 scenes already.



Åsa said...

Cool, if I see u on skype tonite then i will pass them over otherwise u'll get them tomorrow, i am trying to change the meeting to a later time with Mike H as I have a Dr appoinment at 11 but he hasnt replied yet

peace n luv