Wednesday, 12 March 2008

For Fantasy world

I will post the window images later(",)


├ůsa said...

Hi Raphael!

Cool space environment but not really what I asked for. I'm sorry but the look of the fantasy world was picked and chosen last term so I dont know why u start making concept for it now? Do u remember how we decided that it should look? Go back n read the blog and u will find the images.

I would like u to do the work I asked u to do first- then if u have time to experiment and develop things it would be great but first things first Raphael otherwise we never get finished, so what I want from u are the jpg's for the view from the hospital window and the development of the 2 white creatures that should be in 2D, aiiight?

peace n luv,

Raph85 said...

Yeh cool, will get them up by friday at the latest. At the mo, sorting out some issues with dissertation and mitigating circumstances.