Wednesday, 12 March 2008

This week

Raphael- give me your work from last week

Josie - texture the Dr, changes in the blockout, camera and animation list together with Asa

Wan - blendshapes : the girl

Asa - changes in the blockout + pass a copy to the sound guy, scale and finish environments and pass to all the animators, camera and animation lists together with Josie, The Deadworld compositing - girl blendshapes if i get the time, do a simple rig for the Dr as soon as I get him textured from Josie

Caspar - finish and pass me the train

Wanna pass the girl to Giles asap so he can rig her so I will try my best to do blendshapes as well cos he needs a week to rig her.

peace n luv,

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