Friday, 7 March 2008

About today

Well well, sometimes life turn on u n shit happens n it did with me last nite so I have some private issues to solve, I am sorry about this everyone but I really cant go to college today, - better to be honest i think, I will e-mail u some playblast.avi's josie and then we will have a meeting next week n if we are lucky the train and the new Bobo might be finished then. Jared e-mailed us and wanted us to come in for an event on Monday so what if we meet up then? 12 o'clock?

have a nice weekend and breath out now cos the dissertation is done n over with!!

Thank u all for this term by the way!!

peace n luv

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Anonymous said...

That's fine, just email/send me the avis when ever you have time :)
I'll make the minor changes for the 3D block-out later today.

You should relax now that the dissertation is over for you! (I still have to do mine but it shouldn't be a problem over the holidays :P)

Take it easy, relax and don't stress! - Chat to you later, Josie