Friday, 14 March 2008

Texturing Doctor

Hiya - I've started texturing the Dr. last night and managed to textured the tie and the blue shirt:

Texturing the white coat is more difficult as I had the same problem before with the toy models (the textures smudges if i highlight the whole body - I may be texturing wrong [technique-wise] so I'll look for a solution to make it easier to texture) - I got so frustrated with it last night! Will work on the weekends to get it right tho.



Åsa said...

Hi Josie!

cool, i can send u some texturing tutorials when i am back in my house if u are on skype, wan has a software that helps u UV m,ap your textures, maybe ask him to print the map for the coat?

peace n luv,

Åsa said...

ill b on skype all day tomorrow so hopefully u can be there some time then as well so we can pass some files :)