Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Easter Break Meeting + This week

Can everyone come in on Tuesday the 25th 12 o'clock?

So that u all know what is happening, what we have to get done during the break, everyone gets their files ( cos they are to big to send via mail or usendit ) etc etc.

Files to everyone:

Characters rigged and finished: Sophie, Dr, Bobo, Mother
Hospital environment + Dead world evironment



Our Sound guy Emmet is working on environment sounds for us and gat the blockout.

Asa is working on the deadworld ( and learning after effects to do be able to do so ) and will rig the Dr and make a final edit of the blockout, will post on blog when its done. Finishing work for Jessica's film.

Josie is working on her dissertation, maybe small changes to the blockout but I think I can do them myself as it looks right now.

Wan is finishing the girls blendshapes - pass as quick as possible to giles so he can start rigging - when thats done, finish bobo

Raphael - if u gat internet problems then go to an library, go to college, a internet cafe or a friend

caspar - le train, le train, what is happening with the train?

peace n luv,


Anonymous said...


Just got back from work - I'll have a look at the changes for the Dr. model tomorrow morning.

I don't mind coming in on Tues - but I must stress that I can't stay long as I have to go to work later that day so I will have to dash off around 2pm latest.

Chat to you later, Josie :)

Åsa said...

hey Josie! BLOCKOUT - the seq. when Josie is sitting on Bobos shoulder and looks back feels like its cut before its completed- its very fast and the camera just starts to pan in on her but ten suddenly stops, can u fix that and mail me as soon as u have time?

i am editing in Final cut now and want to be finished this week

peace n luv

Åsa said...

so longer shot and finish the shot - do u know how i mean? ) so hard to explain with words

peace n luv

Åsa said...

= the good bye between mother and sophie in the hospital that we talked about before, as it is now the good bye with bobo is much more moving then the one between mother and bobo, to fast, no close ups of their faces etc -

can u call me on skype when u have time? easier to talk thne write


Åsa said...

yes, u know what i find really really weird, why have my made such an bastard Dr? So he just leaves the lonely mother in there when she just lost her only child, and..he just leaves? Na, i think we have to change that and while u zoom out from the room he goes up to the mother and put a hand on one of her shoulders and looks down. I think that is much much better. Will call u later today about this, hope it goes well with your dissertation!