Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Hey Josie!

i just realised that u n i forgat something- what did i say about the dr and the hospital room about 2 weeks ago that would save us a lot of work? remember?

anyway, i said that we could see him standing there n turning his head down but never see him leave the room- only hear a door close and footsteps - remember? but u made it different in the blockout cos u forgot and i forgot as well haha, well well

Can wan help us make a map of his face? Would be nice with some wrinkles, his hair texture looks good from a distance but if u look close u can see its really messed up - but we will not se him close so if think we can get away with it- can u check whats going on with that arm that i marked?

Nice details on the shirt etc, nice! the dr is in the background so we don't have to be super picky with him

PS the hospital room is t big to mail, send it to u peeps on skype or u send it

peace n luv stressed out asa

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