Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Girl

Some of us has voted here onthe Blog and I am afraid that we can't wait for the rest of u so Sofie is chosen now and this is how she looks in a watercolor 2d sketch. We need to catch up ( and I have told u all to start giving fedback and start using the blog so if u dont then thats your choice and u miss your chance to vote ). I will make the model sheets during the weekend and e-mail them to Josie as soon as they're done so that we can get started. And yes, she is still bald in the hospital and starts looking healthier in the dead world, happier eyes, more energy, didn't draw that here but I think u guys get it?

We decided to work with the latest version of Maya so that we all will be on the same version and use the same as college, Maya 8,5.

ps when looking for music - not anything famous or well known from film, comercials etc. No rap or vocals that signs any words, choirs can be okej if they don't sing to dramatic. A bit mysterious in the begining and going happier in the end. With some depth, did that help?

Some creature sketches old and new:

peace n luv,

ps hit me with trainstations, creatures, colorschemes and trains!

Animatic and storyboard changes that we made on the last meeting


scene 3

- zoom OUT instead of in from her eyes when she wakes up in the hospital
- take away the caughing shot, the shot of her eyes is enough
- end the scene by zooming out from her room from above and seeing how the dr leaves the room out into the hospital corridor, blur edges

scene 4

1 - mist
2 - seing the train
3 - bobo grabs girl
4 -seing the train coming towards them, raphaels angle
5 - bobo n girl running by the side of the train - western film shot, trains to fast
6 - trains starts slowing down by a station
7 - shot from inside the train as its slowing down by the station, monster sitting on back seat looking back thru window at them - camera follows and zooms in on sofie and the girl, full body shot, not extreme close up as they try to catch up with the train
8 - sofie n bobo cathing up with the train just as it starts moving again
9 - bobo grabs the train n stretches out
10- sofie climbs on bobo up on the train
11 - sofie is on the back of the train waving back at bobo while the train starts disappearing
12 - shot of bobo waving good bye getting smaller and smaller
13 - sofie on the back of the train dissapering up towards the clouds and the light

peace n luv,

reaserach girl concept


Hospital furnitures - research


I've found some images of hospital furnitures which I will used to develop Sophie's hospital room - so PLEASE COMMENT of what you think what furniture should be inclued in Sophie's room!

Josie :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Is the film good looking?

Some research on Environment concept and strange creatures for the Dead World

Hiya everyone!

I've been doing some digging in my room and to my luck I found some interesting concept work from my one of my collection magazines: 'Imagine FX' - Fantasy & Sci-Fi Digital Art. They also have some interesting colours as well so its included colour research for the group - woo hoo!, killed 2 birds with 1 stone! :D

(above) What i like most of this concept work is the sky - from the base its park purple and higher in the sky it softens up with light purple to sky blue

With this concept art its much more colourful, however, I can imagine the long road path could be our train tracks in the dead world - with the colourful field lightens up the happy mood of when Sophie finally can rest in peace (sob!)

I thought this concept art is interesting but not sure if it fits with the story :S

I love the purple sky for this concept art - 'The world of the Dark Crystal' concept art by Brian Froud! (Im a fan!!) - Its a shame I can't scan the whole picture, its too big for my A4 size scanner!!

I've also found some interesting artwork of strange creatures by Brian Froud:

Hope this is useful! - Josie :)

Monday, 29 October 2007

About Today - We are behind

I have realised that Josie and I have been bad producers so far and that has put us behind.
We have been a bit to nice about people showing up 1-2 hours to late to meetings and not bringing the work they should have brought so we will be tuffer from now on. Maybe we haven't been clear enough about what each and everyone of us was supposed to do for each week either. We will be much clearer now and post names and info on the Blog. We will all have to work harder now so that we can nail all the tasks on our schedule for this term and not get seriously butt fucked. If anyone doesnt feel as if the have enough work to do then check this out:

We don't have:

- a finished storyboard
- we don't have a animatic
- no character designs are set
- no mood boards or color schemes
- no enviroment research or sketches for the dead world
- no music
- very little style and concept research

We need more sketches to choose from, more research, and its about time after 5 weeks that everyone gets involved with the group Blog and give the rest of us some fedback. It would save time if I could get everyones opinion now instead of on Thursday cos the sooner I could start working on modelsheets the better, innit?

I am doing my best to nail Sofie and Bobo this week and fixing the changes for animatic, that is my goal and it is quite a lot of work so I don't have time for anything else this week. We seriously need to catch up. This film is a fulltime job so u are all expetced to work x hours a day with this film.

Good luck with all the work and lets tick some things of our to do list this week!! :)

peace n luv
worried asa

ps I did some color research. Should we go for the "I lived on The Moon" color scheme or develop it and add some colors like we talked about?

and some pics that i liked,

The Girl - developed hairstyles for girl version 4

I don't know, maybe we don't have to see her ears? But I think it's a bit cute but I just can't draw ears..

I haven't changed girl nr 3 as I it wasn't anything that u guys said that u wanted me to change with her, it was just the hairstyle on nr 4 that u didn't like as i understood it. My favourtite out of this ones are the middle girl, not sure about the color of her eyes.

Don't think about colors of the pyjamas or prints but what model and leave your vote in the comment box.


peace n luv,

here is the version 3 with dif colors of her eyes + version 4 with the hairstyle that i mostly liked

Report from the Monday Meeting!

The Blog is working now, same log in and password as earlier.

We looked at the animatic and made changes that I will go home an re - draw and e-mail to Patrick as soon as possible so that Ptarick can update the animatic. We also listen to different music but haven't been able to find "the" soundtrack yet so we should all continue searching.

We looked at everone's concept work and I will post the girl with the other hair style etc on this blog during this week, if u guys can give fedback here on the blog then i will know when we gat her and bobo nailed and can start with the modelsheets so FEEEEEEEEDABACK PLEAAAASE.

Next meeting will be on Thursday after class, 1.30 as always in the 3rd year room and this is what everyone said they would do:

- deveolp Bobo and girl, finsihed designs this week
Josie - more hospital sketches and hospital furniture designs, colors: COLD, what kind of stuff would she have on her side table? The stuff should establish that she lives in the hospital and has been there for a long time.
Raphael - More creature sketches and sketches of the trainstation
Patrick - update the animatic and work on the color and mood boards for the dead fantasy world / the cold living world.
Wan - Sketch and research trainstations and trains.

See u all on Thursday!!
peace n luv,
I will ask Eva if she can sketch more on the Mother and the Doctor.

Problems with the Blog

Josie and I can't log in to this Blog any more, did anyone reset the password by accident or something?

My latest sketches are on my personal Blog now, I have done some color research and sketched on Sofie:

and here is Josie's latest work (Sophie's hospital room designs).

I am a bit disapointed about that I asked everyone to give us fedback on the Blog, comment our sketches etc but as far as I can see no one did it.

peace n luv,

Asa on eva's account

Friday, 26 October 2007

Music for scene 2

Scene 2:

Sophie and Bobo’s excitement reaches its climax with a warm embrace. Their blissful reunion is cut short by an ominous presence. Bobo urges Sophie to get on his back as they make a dash for the train, with a dark shadow in pursuit. The closer the dark subject gets to the couple, the clearer the sounds of the ‘real world’ filter through and the more violent the disruption of the world around them. Inevitably, the dark matter catches up to them, separating Sophie from Bobo.

So this one here would be the BASIS! of the tune running behind scene 2.
I'd have the tempo of the riff (is that the right word?) speed up as the shadow chases them.

Here it is without the lyrical mumbo jumbo.

And I THINK it sounds better actually!

Music for Scene 3

Scene 3:

Sophie abruptly wakes to the confusion around her. She’s just been resuscitated by the hospital staff. Clearly in pain, she reaches out, softly grasping her grieving mother’s hand. Sophie smiles and in that instance, Gloria knew it was “time to let go” of her only child. The mother hugs her daughter as she gently slips away. Gloria places an inanimate ‘Bobo’ [audience realise that it’s her doll] on her daughter as the camera pans out {plan view} in an anti-clockwise fashion…….(Fade to white)

hmm? hmmmmm?

P.S. Listen - don't watch!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

New updated Schedule!!

Hi everyone,

Here's the updated schedule for the group - Remember, its still draft with the duration of time needed for each member's job so once we meet up on Monday I can double check with everyone's opinion:

Have a nice weekend everyone,

Josie :)


So I was listening to some grime this morning and I heard this awesome sample!

Default-tiny UK Garage- Ruff Squad - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (Instrumental) uploaded by 30189-tiny poppin

Please listen while blogging or whatever, I thought it would be cool to have it rolling with our credits. It may be a bit too heavy for even the credits but give some crit!

(Hit the play button or open in a new window with the link)

Heres the original for more analysis.

I spoke to my bro and the piano instrumental is otw!

Should be good for next week! :D

Oh just to add this for the main film sequence. Acousmatic music takes everyday sounds and twists them to something melodic and stuff. There's more science about it if you like but have a listen first. Might be a good idea to listen to this for about 30mins on a loop to hear the different levels it has.

Latest News!

Josie and I are developing a new schedule that we will put up here on the Blog and on our board in the 3rd year room so check that out and get back to us if you think anything looks weird. And from now on I thought that we should be a bit clearer about what everyone is expeted to do for every week so that we're not floating around so for the next meeting on MONDAY the 29th 10 o'clock;

Rafael- researching how the train tracks in the deadworld could look, what colors and textures etc. He is also sketching on the creatures of the dead world and looking into music.

Nnamdi - is working on train concept.

Patrick - is working on the mood board and color schemes and Eva is doing the same thing.

Asa - is working on the Bobo and the girl design. Hopefully we have a train or a Bobo that we like next week so that one of us can start working on their modelsheets.

Josie - is researching hospital rooms, how should it look, colors, furniture etc.

Wan - is working on concept for the train and is looking into music.

Becca- is helping us with the girl design and will post her sketches up on the Blog.

EVERYONE - take a look at storyboards and films and think about our film and the angles we are using, is it anything we should change? Bring film clips or images from films if you want. We should sit down on Monday and take a final look at our storyboard and the animatic and try our best to get the final version down. Remember:


We will discuss Patrick's baloon idea on Monday and make up our minds and choose between the train idea and the ballon idea. PLEASE dont forget to bring music next week as it might take a while before we find the track we want, remember that you can play it to the rest of the group on a mp3 player or lap top :)

Have a really nice weekend everyone and good luck with all the work!
Peace n Luv,

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Le Baloons!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for writing about the meeting Wan! I am so lost n tired today ( as I think u all noticed at the meeting )
This was the image I saw n really liked that I mentioned on the meeting, not so sure about the baby colors though. But I found these images as well now when I started looking into, and what can I say? I Really really like the baloon idea, look at the fog and the light, so nice :)

Should we have a new meeting on MONDAY? Its Blue Goups day. Let me know.

* Check all new concept art work, the train, the mother, the girl and bobo

* check the ruff animatic and develop the final storyboard?

* listen to music for the film?

peace n luv,