Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Le Baloons!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for writing about the meeting Wan! I am so lost n tired today ( as I think u all noticed at the meeting )
This was the image I saw n really liked that I mentioned on the meeting, not so sure about the baby colors though. But I found these images as well now when I started looking into, and what can I say? I Really really like the baloon idea, look at the fog and the light, so nice :)

Should we have a new meeting on MONDAY? Its Blue Goups day. Let me know.

* Check all new concept art work, the train, the mother, the girl and bobo

* check the ruff animatic and develop the final storyboard?

* listen to music for the film?

peace n luv,


Josie Cheung said...

Hiya - I wouldn't mind meeting up on Tuesday but ONLY MORNING since I have to go to work in the afternoon and would rather not rush to get to work

Thanks, Josie

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