Saturday, 13 October 2007

Some research on Norse mythology - hope this helps!

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Made some research based on our main character; sofie who's Icelanic so I research on some myths/lengends which could help:

From Wikipedia:

Norse, Viking or Scandinavian mythology comprises the indigenous pre-Christian religion, beliefs and legends of the Scandinavian peoples, including those who settled on Iceland, where most of the written sources for Norse mythology were assembled.

"Norse cosmology, as it is described in Norse mythology, recognizes the existence of multiple worlds and the World Tree Yggdrasill. The cosmological allusions in the Poetic Edda are often vague and the more clear descriptions in the Prose Edda are influenced by mediaeval Christian cosmology.


Álfheimr - home of the light elves
Ásgarðr - home of the Æsir
Jötunheimr - home of the frost giants and the mountain giants
Miðgarðr - home of mankind
Múspell - home of the fire giants
Niðavellir - fields of the Dwarves
Niflheimr - home of the dead
Svartálfheimr - home of the dark elves
Vanaheimr - home of the Vanir"

When I read "Niflheimr - home of the dead" - I thought this could help us develop the story!! The word 'Niflhemir' means the "abode of mist" or "Mist World" so this could be a setting for the fantasy world in which the little girl goes to - hope this helps!

Here are some pictures I found which I thought describes 'Niflheimr:

(The picture below is my favourite!!)

See you all on Monday!

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