Monday, 15 October 2007

Monday Meeting

On the Monday meeting we decided to make the girl 4 years old instead of 6, we also all like the idea of her having big eyes and a bob haircut. I have asked James Lawrence and Aminata to help us out with the concept and they are on it! :)

We looked at all the concept and research and the majority of us liked the design and look of the toys without arms that I posted, ( the ones laying in the grass by the flowers ). So we decied to develop that look and add arms to the character, play around with fabrics and colors. The way this character looks with its quite compact body and legs will make it move differently then a human or a teddybear with legs and arms that bend so I think that might simplify the animation a bit.

Next meeting will be on Thursday after class and then we all should present as much concept as possible, the girl, her mother, Bobo and maybe even the train and the enviroment of the dead world so everyone doing concept and all the full timers have to attened.

Nnamdi has written a script for the film and here it is! We have devided the script into scenes so that we can start storyboarding, if anyone feels that the scenes that they are making are to difficult to draw or anything just let us know and we might be able to swop.

Scene 1: Wan
Scene 2: Josie
Scene 3: Asa and Patrick
Scene 4: Raphael and Eva

We will sit down and go through eveyrones storyboards scenes on Monday the 22nd.

The storyboarding and the script are VERY IMPORTANT so we will probably work longer with it then planned but if we do it well it will actually save us a lot of work so it is worth so be taken seriously and maybe even research succesfull storyboards. Some things to think about when storyboarding: think about films that you have seen and how they used the camera and different angles, you don't have to draw beautifully as we might change some shoots and frames BUT we have to be able to understand whats happening in the scene. We are not going to look at storyboard scenes this week, the focus now is CHARACTER DESIGN but I thought it might be good to plan it so that everyone knows in time what they have to do as we do have a lot to do :)

Good luck with all the drawing and see u all on Thurday!!

peace n luv,

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