Monday, 29 October 2007

About Today - We are behind

I have realised that Josie and I have been bad producers so far and that has put us behind.
We have been a bit to nice about people showing up 1-2 hours to late to meetings and not bringing the work they should have brought so we will be tuffer from now on. Maybe we haven't been clear enough about what each and everyone of us was supposed to do for each week either. We will be much clearer now and post names and info on the Blog. We will all have to work harder now so that we can nail all the tasks on our schedule for this term and not get seriously butt fucked. If anyone doesnt feel as if the have enough work to do then check this out:

We don't have:

- a finished storyboard
- we don't have a animatic
- no character designs are set
- no mood boards or color schemes
- no enviroment research or sketches for the dead world
- no music
- very little style and concept research

We need more sketches to choose from, more research, and its about time after 5 weeks that everyone gets involved with the group Blog and give the rest of us some fedback. It would save time if I could get everyones opinion now instead of on Thursday cos the sooner I could start working on modelsheets the better, innit?

I am doing my best to nail Sofie and Bobo this week and fixing the changes for animatic, that is my goal and it is quite a lot of work so I don't have time for anything else this week. We seriously need to catch up. This film is a fulltime job so u are all expetced to work x hours a day with this film.

Good luck with all the work and lets tick some things of our to do list this week!! :)

peace n luv
worried asa

ps I did some color research. Should we go for the "I lived on The Moon" color scheme or develop it and add some colors like we talked about?

and some pics that i liked,


Anonymous said...

I still prefer the 'I lived on the moon' colour scheme - the soft pastel colours (especially purple) - gives a nice touch. That's just my opinion anyways :P


Eva Ng said...

I too prefer that soft pastel colours, though I do like that first picture of the sun and the dusk one, and with smoky pinky clouds...