Friday, 26 October 2007

Music for Scene 3

Scene 3:

Sophie abruptly wakes to the confusion around her. She’s just been resuscitated by the hospital staff. Clearly in pain, she reaches out, softly grasping her grieving mother’s hand. Sophie smiles and in that instance, Gloria knew it was “time to let go” of her only child. The mother hugs her daughter as she gently slips away. Gloria places an inanimate ‘Bobo’ [audience realise that it’s her doll] on her daughter as the camera pans out {plan view} in an anti-clockwise fashion…….(Fade to white)

hmm? hmmmmm?

P.S. Listen - don't watch!


Åsa said...

na, i dont think i want any singing, offcourse we can play around n try and if it works then it works, but i felt that she said to much, my tears gat stuck in my throat and i wanted to laugh instead if u understand me?

peace n luv,

wanimanga said...

Hah yea, When I listened to it the second time I thought the country and western singing is awful and the tune is pretty poor too.

Forget this one!