Wednesday, 24 October 2007

REMINDER: Meeting Today Wednesday After Lunch!

There was to few of us on the Monday meeting so we need to catch up today if we don't want to get deleayed and behind with our production. What we need to do is to sit down together and go through the storyboard and develop it, see if there's any scenes that just doesn't make any sense, camera angles that we need to change etc. and I find storyboarding difficult and VERY important so there more of us that can look at it and have opinions the better it will be :)

We are a really big group but to be honest, Jessicas group with only three fulltimers has done much more then we have so what does that mean? We need to stick to deadlines, if you say that you will sketch or research something for a certain day then I except you to do so as well cos if you don't - then that is all it takes for us to getting behind the schedule.

On today's meeting we will take a look at all the new concept. Josie, Becca and I have worked on the design of the girl, so has Aminata. I have done some work on Bobo and so has Eva. Wan and Nnamdi has been researching and sketching on the train and I think that Patrick said that he would do the same thing. Raphael has been working on the look of the train tracks, so we will ake a look at all that today as well as we really have to have atleast two designs finished with modelsheets next week so that the modelers can get started.

Then its the script, are we happy about it? I am, the only thing that I want to change is the name of the mother to a icelandic name but is there anything anyone else think we should change or develop?

And offcourse, today its time to bring MUSIC! :)

Christina has promised to help out but I havent had time to go to her place yet but as soon as I do and she's has some time as well then she wil do a piano version for us.

See u all after lunch!

Peace n Luv,

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