Thursday, 11 October 2007

Next Meeting!

next meeting will be on Monday 11 o'clock in the animation area.

Josie will put up our timetable here on the Blog + on our wall in the 3rd year Animation Room and Nnamdi is writnig on the script and will devide it into scenes so that we can start story boarding soon :)

To the meeting on Monday we would like as many of you as possible to sketch on these character designs :

The Girl, ( has no hair when she is in the hospital but will have hair in the fantasy world, she is 6 years old and used to be curious and energetic before she gat sick, she is quite reserved and is Icelandic. She is not a very big girl, remember that she is suffering from cancer and has spent most of her days in hospital. She might be a bit pale and look tired in the begining but slowly start to bloom in the dead world as she doesn't feel any pain any more.

, the girl toy teddy bear/ animal that will follow her and help her catch the train through heaven. This toy has been very important to Sofie, lonely days and nights at the hospital, it is an important friend of hers. We talked about that this creature could have wheels tomake it easier to animate, but Bobo doesn't have to. Just let your imagination run loose! :)

And, the girls Mother, age 34. Has accepted that her daughter is sick but has certainly not accepted that she is going to die. Sofie is her only child.

Have a real nice weekend and good luck with all the drawing!

peace n luv,

PS PART TIMERS! Where are u?
Please let us know if you're still on the project.
I e-mailed everyone info about this Blog and a group e-mail list last week but haven't heared anything from you - you are all welcome to do concept and join th emeeting on Monday so that you can get the script and a update!

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