Thursday, 11 October 2007

Group's Schedule

Here's the group's schedule - please let me know if there are any mistakes so that I can change it!!

See you all next week!! - enjoy the weekends!

Josie :)

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"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

It looks good! :)

I don't think that I should model any of the main characters as I am not so good at it. The rigging etc is really important so I think that it is much better if Josie and Wan go for the main characters, are you okej with that? I don't know if Raphael wants to model as well or mostly do 3D animation?

I am going to research on hospital rooms so I can go for 3D enviromnet design and make the hospital room, is that okej for everyone?

Nnamdi called me yesterday and said that he wants to make his own film, I don't know if he still wants to work part time on this one or if he is gonna drop off completly. He will come in on Monday so then we'll know.

Have a nice weekend!!

peace n luv,