Friday, 26 October 2007

Music for scene 2

Scene 2:

Sophie and Bobo’s excitement reaches its climax with a warm embrace. Their blissful reunion is cut short by an ominous presence. Bobo urges Sophie to get on his back as they make a dash for the train, with a dark shadow in pursuit. The closer the dark subject gets to the couple, the clearer the sounds of the ‘real world’ filter through and the more violent the disruption of the world around them. Inevitably, the dark matter catches up to them, separating Sophie from Bobo.

So this one here would be the BASIS! of the tune running behind scene 2.
I'd have the tempo of the riff (is that the right word?) speed up as the shadow chases them.

Here it is without the lyrical mumbo jumbo.

And I THINK it sounds better actually!

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Åsa said...

I really like this one! Maybe not for the entire film just like u wrote but I like it a lot! Lets see what everyone else thinks and what they bring.

peace n luv,