Monday, 5 May 2008

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the film!!

Unfortunately it will not be done and the project has been put down, but thanks everyone who did their best and contributed and tried to make it happen!

all the best,

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Monday meeting with Mike 11 o'clock

hey ya!

We gat a meeting with Mike in college now on Monday 11 o'clock so I will wee u all there!

peace n luv,

Friday, 25 April 2008

My progress so far....Josie

First thing I need to say: Thanks Wan for the new Rigged model of Sophie!! ^_^

I've been animating Scene 3 (where our two characters gets swallowed up by the Shadow Creature) and I'm almost there - just need to tweak some details of the character's movements (especially with Sophie as I've done most of the animating on Bobo so far) and I think I've made this scene too fast so I need to slow it down a bit! Here's the clips to show my progress (both the same but viewed in different angles):

Please comment - I will post more clips to show my progress - Josie -___-

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sophie Rig - YAY (Check your mail)

Ok ladies and gents, the new, new Sophie rig is ready to roll.

I tested it for a while and we need to tweak Bobo ever so slightly.

Dont panic! only 2 small things you need to do:

Step 1: Select Bobo's PURPLE RING...
Step 2: Scale XYZ to 0.8

You'll be able to fit Sophie on to Bobo's shoulders this way.


Wednesday, 23 April 2008



I managed to unzip the file with the music that you have done - I really like version 030, 033 and 027 and 028 cos they are a bit mysterious but still have a sad feel to them, very good, could u record them longer and with better sound? U can borrow good recorders from college, I would like to use one of them for the opening of the film where she is lost in the mist, maybe u can make a scary sound for the shadow character as well- he shouldn't be a piano though- he is dull and dark, but if u can and want to then please play around with it :) It sounds good.

peace n luv,

Josie - scenes that include The Shadow Character

Hi Josie!

can u pass me the scenes from the blockout that includes the Shadow character, scene 3 etc, the maya files and the films in our rendering size 576 etc ( cos i didn't save them all when i cleaned my computer ) cos then i can animate and stick in the shadow character and animate him and the bleeding ink effect and then thats done :)

peace n luv

Week 16 - Updated

Hi Everyone!

As u have noticed they has been and are still lots of faults with Sophie- model and rig. Her arms are not very round so when u start bending and moving them u will notice that they don't really look like real arms as they are to flat, there has been problems with her eyes, vrists, legs etc etc and both Wan and Giles are working on her. DON'T SIT AND WAIT - start animating Bobo for your scenes and hopefully a model who is easier to animate will drop down your mailbox any day :)

Our sound guy Emmet is working on sounds, but as I am getting a bit worried about us not having sounds yet I have also contacted another guy on the soundcourse, James, so lets hope that he and Emmet founds something for us as time is running out!

I have made some test for the shadow character as he should be animated and have the floating ink surrounding him and spreading out from him - in the blockout he is just an image, now I tried to bring him to life in a ruff childish drawn way. I can change the pace in editing. More tests on my personal Blog.

We might get animation help from a 2nd year student, Mike and I talked with a guy last week and he was interested and liked the style and look of the film so far BUT he hasn't contacted me yet so we'll see.

Good luck with all the animation, looking forward to see your tests!

peace n luv,