Friday, 21 March 2008

Asas friday report for this week

Yes, could borrow Jessicas computer yesterday as my college account is fucked and i can not work in college - so finally the hospital room is scaled and finsihed and josie's props are imported and the texture problem solved.

i am waiting for caspars train to be able to scale the tree and for josies changes to be able to finish the blockout - college is closed friday n monday and i dont have maya at home so i will not be able to do any maya work for 4 days.

peace n luv,

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Easter Break Meeting + This week

Can everyone come in on Tuesday the 25th 12 o'clock?

So that u all know what is happening, what we have to get done during the break, everyone gets their files ( cos they are to big to send via mail or usendit ) etc etc.

Files to everyone:

Characters rigged and finished: Sophie, Dr, Bobo, Mother
Hospital environment + Dead world evironment



Our Sound guy Emmet is working on environment sounds for us and gat the blockout.

Asa is working on the deadworld ( and learning after effects to do be able to do so ) and will rig the Dr and make a final edit of the blockout, will post on blog when its done. Finishing work for Jessica's film.

Josie is working on her dissertation, maybe small changes to the blockout but I think I can do them myself as it looks right now.

Wan is finishing the girls blendshapes - pass as quick as possible to giles so he can start rigging - when thats done, finish bobo

Raphael - if u gat internet problems then go to an library, go to college, a internet cafe or a friend

caspar - le train, le train, what is happening with the train?

peace n luv,


Hey Josie!

i just realised that u n i forgat something- what did i say about the dr and the hospital room about 2 weeks ago that would save us a lot of work? remember?

anyway, i said that we could see him standing there n turning his head down but never see him leave the room- only hear a door close and footsteps - remember? but u made it different in the blockout cos u forgot and i forgot as well haha, well well

Can wan help us make a map of his face? Would be nice with some wrinkles, his hair texture looks good from a distance but if u look close u can see its really messed up - but we will not se him close so if think we can get away with it- can u check whats going on with that arm that i marked?

Nice details on the shirt etc, nice! the dr is in the background so we don't have to be super picky with him

PS the hospital room is t big to mail, send it to u peeps on skype or u send it

peace n luv stressed out asa

Monday, 17 March 2008

Dr. model - textured done! (I hope!)

Hiya everyone! - I'm done with the texturing for the Doctor model (I hope anyways - I need feedback!!!!):Is the hair ok? I tried bump-mapping it as well to make it appear more 3D....anyways - FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!

Josie :)

The Hospital room

I have scaled the room now and put it some of the props from Eva and Josie and fixed the other hospital rooms a bit and will pass it to all the animators - IMPORTANT for those of u who will animate in this environment - as I said before, some of the textures work funny- here they are marked as they are supposed to look, when Alex was going to look at this everything ironically worked fine so its something very funny going on. Now u know about it and this is how the textures should look.ok.

peace n luv,


Pass me the hospital images NOW.


Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bens version of Bobo

Wan and I - and Mike- talked to Ben three weeks ago when he showed these sketches and Wan made a good point then that I agreed with- it looks more like a boys toy then a girls toy - and I thought it looked to cartoonish and told Ben that we are not looking for a funny character but a settled one and not to cartoonish - more like my neighbor Totoro - anyway - the small drawings in the corner are the changes he has done in three weeks. I talked to Ben the other day and said that I still find him to cartoonish etc and that the work has to be done faster as we are waiting for him.

I suggest we texture Wan's version of Bobo and rig him so we don't get more delayed as Ben wasn't as fast as he said he would be. Or what do u guys say?

peace n luv

Friday, 14 March 2008

Texturing Doctor

Hiya - I've started texturing the Dr. last night and managed to textured the tie and the blue shirt:

Texturing the white coat is more difficult as I had the same problem before with the toy models (the textures smudges if i highlight the whole body - I may be texturing wrong [technique-wise] so I'll look for a solution to make it easier to texture) - I got so frustrated with it last night! Will work on the weekends to get it right tho.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Timetable for Josie over Easter Break

Hiya ! This is my timetable for the holidays:

Almost forgot - Mike H's website he recommended: (I followed exactly what he wrote so I'm not sure if it's right)


This week

Raphael- give me your work from last week

Josie - texture the Dr, changes in the blockout, camera and animation list together with Asa

Wan - blendshapes : the girl

Asa - changes in the blockout + pass a copy to the sound guy, scale and finish environments and pass to all the animators, camera and animation lists together with Josie, The Deadworld compositing - girl blendshapes if i get the time, do a simple rig for the Dr as soon as I get him textured from Josie

Caspar - finish and pass me the train

Wanna pass the girl to Giles asap so he can rig her so I will try my best to do blendshapes as well cos he needs a week to rig her.

peace n luv,

For Fantasy world

I will post the window images later(",)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Different ways of filming when Bobo and Sophie meet

I have done different versions, in the old one, theres a shot from
behind Bobo's back when Sophie comes towards him and hugs him, but I
don't know if that shot was that good so I experimented a bit - which
one do u guys like the most?
This new shot and a change in another sequence has cut down the film

And here is THE BLOCKOUT:

Will shorten down the sequence where Bobo comes out of the mist a bit.


peace n luv,

Monday, 10 March 2008

IMPORTANT: so that u all know what I want done during the easter

Download and save.

peace n luv,

Block out in progress

Hey ya!

The blockout is taking much more time then we had planned- but it is
very important and we have changed a lot so..and there is still lots of
small changes that has to be done, some shots are to fast, camera
angles needs to be changed etc, so it is still not finished but we are
slowly bur surely getting there! Leave feedback if anything seems odd,
to slow, to fast etc

peace n luv

ps i am trying to upload the f film, doesnt work :)

To Raphael!

Hey Raph!

I miss u're work from last week, please post print screen images or jpgs' here on the blog so that I can see how u are doing plus I need the hospital view images so that I can finish it,



To Caspar!

Hi Caspar!

I spent last week on my dissertation but now I am back with the film and took a last look at the train and here is some feedback, I liked ure idea of adding a door so please do, I would also like u to delete the back windows and add frames around the windows so we can use the nice gold texture on the window frames - good news is that I don't think u have to worry about the carriages crashing into eachother cos u don't see the indise of the train in that curve - take a look at the animatic/blockout n see what u think, but I think its safe :)

peace n luv,

Friday, 7 March 2008

About today

Well well, sometimes life turn on u n shit happens n it did with me last nite so I have some private issues to solve, I am sorry about this everyone but I really cant go to college today, - better to be honest i think, I will e-mail u some playblast.avi's josie and then we will have a meeting next week n if we are lucky the train and the new Bobo might be finished then. Jared e-mailed us and wanted us to come in for an event on Monday so what if we meet up then? 12 o'clock?

have a nice weekend and breath out now cos the dissertation is done n over with!!

Thank u all for this term by the way!!

peace n luv

Thursday, 6 March 2008

3D Block-up UPDATED 2

The updated version of the 3D Block-out. Made the changes



hey everyone!

see u all in college tomorrow 2.30, animation area

I cant really do a good block out for my scene without any blendshapes- how can i show her face expressions going from scared n surprised to happy to recognise bobo?

peace n luv

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Week 9 - Last Week his term!

Hi Everyone!

I guess that we all will be panicking with the dissertation this week BUT we have to meet up on Friday before the break.

We are three weeks behind in the program so the first week on the easter holiday I hope u all have understood will be college work.

On Friday we will go through all that has to be done and then I also want all of u to make your personal timetables for the easter break a and note that EVERY friday during this break everyone will have to report and post an update of their work n report their status here on the blog.

Asas work: Aminata has found faults with the girl model three times now so I received the finished version yesterday and will start working on the blendshapes this coming week so that Giles can rig her. I will check Wan's rig of the mother to make sure it doesn't need any more work or changes on Wednesday when I have access to maya. I will finish scene 1 for the block out that also will work as a look reference of how the film will be done.

Eva and Josie's work: -I want the props from Josie n Eva so that I can finish the hospital room and give it to Ross for lighting this coming week. I also want Josie to do the changes in her blockout scenes as some scenes are going way to fast etc see feedback here on the blog.

Raphael : is back and will find images that can work as the view from the hospital room and work on the white 2D creatures that will be in the film.

Ben : has offered us to sketch and model a new Bobo for us and is well informed about that he has to be finished in about ten days as we have to start animating. He will e-mail me sketches asap.

Wan: help make blendshapes for the girl. I gat the FINAL girl now so let me know when u are on skype and I'll send it to u )

The first week on the easter break we HAVE TO make sure all the characters gets rigged and finished and also that we get Caspar's train and plan all the animation scenes and who will do what during the break as all the animation has to be done during the break and I am very serious about this. So when u animate a scene I don't want u to think that one version of the scene will be enough - we are not animators so I want everyone to do their best and animate their scene in atleast 5-8 different versions so that we gat a lot to choose between. And if u don't read this and pretend that u did not know I will get really angry cos the point with this blog is that everyone reads it and knows the deal.

If anyone will go on holiday I will e-mail u what u have to do during the break, just let me know!

Good luck with all the dissertation work and see u all on friday!

Peace n Luv,