Thursday, 6 March 2008


hey everyone!

see u all in college tomorrow 2.30, animation area

I cant really do a good block out for my scene without any blendshapes- how can i show her face expressions going from scared n surprised to happy to recognise bobo?

peace n luv


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if you can't use blend shapes, how about the body language.

Scared - have both her hands together (like covering her mouth as if the weather is cold)and have her head look around.

recognizing bobo - have her hands lowered to her chest and have her head tilting to one side and then straighten up as he sees bobo.

Don't know if I'm being helpful here or being annoying :P -

wanimanga said...

hehe too much anime Josie :D

├ůsa said...

naa, its her face that will show that she is surprised, lost, happy to see him etc the most - i guess the solution is that I animate that scene as i know what i want her face to express :) and we just use a plane face for the block out, think thats the best solution.

peace n luv,