Thursday, 6 March 2008

3D Block-up UPDATED 2

The updated version of the 3D Block-out. Made the changes



├ůsa said...

Hi Josie!

Really like how Bobo lifts her up now, wicked!
Cool, it is getting there- here are some changes that i noticed now, cut at 0.34 is a bit to fats, cant really see her face cos it goes so fast. Really like how Bobo lifts her up now, wicked!

And I think it would look much better if you didnt go behind the drip stand with the camera- just move the dripstand in that cut or something and the last thing for now, eher do we see them smiling good bye to eacthother? U done the good bye scene with bobo so briliantly, exactly the way i want it as i want emotions, its the close ups that makes it, maybe we need that between the mother n daughter as well, i am a bit tired now but we can talk about it today n come up with a solution, anyway, great work Josie!!

peace n luv,

wanimanga said...

ok blogger's video system sucks but nvm.

Time - 0:58 to 1:09

The pan is really slow and I dont see the point. You don't see the mother there or anything until she actually sits down.

Not sure if she is out of the shot or just didnt come out in the render/playblast but if its hard to get the mother in the shot maybe we can cut 10 seconds from it.